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The Most Popular Sandwich Fillings in The UK

We all have our own favourite sandwich or wrap fillings. Do you know what the most popular are in the UK? Take a look at British Sandwich Association survey results

The Most Popular Sandwich Fillings in The UK

"We create fillings for our AirWraps with a Zinda spin on them - we want them to be fresh, innovative, & globally inspired"
Anishya Kumar

Sandwiches are big business and according to the British Sandwich Association, we eat 11.5bn sandwiches each year. The pre-packed sandwich business in the UK is worth £8 billion a year.  We all have our own favourite sandwich ingredient and our own ways of putting those ingredients together.  The Guardian wrote: "Almost everyone in the UK has strident opinions about the correct way to make an egg mayo or ham and cheese sandwich. How many food products bind us together like that?"  

But do you know what the top sandwich ingredients are in the UK?  

The most recent survey  by the British Sandwich Association found that the following were the top sandwiches:

1. Chicken and bacon

2. Prawn mayonnaise

3. BLT

4. Chicken salad

5. Ploughman’s

6. Egg and cress

7. Chicken and stuffing

8. Southern fried chicken

9. Tuna and sweetcorn

What about the most popular ingredients by volume? According to the BSA the sandwich market consumes:

1. 43,000 tonnes chicken/year

2. 16,000 tonnes cheese/year

3. 15,000 tonnes ham/year

4. 14,000 tonnes egg/year

5. 7,000 tonnes bacon/year

6. 6,250 tonnes prawns/year

7. 6,250 tonnes tuna/year

8. 3,000 tonnes salmon/year

But earlier this year The Guardian wrote of those industrial sandwiches "Frankly, a lot of these bought sandwiches, even those we tend to think of as the posh versions from Pret or M&S, are terrible. But their ubiquity speaks for itself."

That's why Anishya Kumar founder of Zinda Foods is on a mission to change this with her AirWraps "Each filling & flavour profile have been carefully created to meet 3 main criterion - nutrition, taste & authenticity. Collaborating with award-winning Michelin star Chef Alfred Prasad & using the unique Airwrap base, we created fillings with a Zinda spin on them - they are fresh, innovative, & globally inspired. Retaining the elements of flavour authenticity and balanced nutrition - the fillings are created to give our customers a "happy experience over their breakfast, brunch, lunch or tea break".

She wants to break away from those ubiquitous fillings and has worked hard to do this "To set off the Air Wrap base, we created proprietary fillings by collaborating with a Development Chef to ensure operational viability, a Michelin star chef to ensure authenticity of flavour profiles and my own touch of home-style goodness."

Why not surprise yourself and take a break from the norm when you next have a sandwich or wrap and try a filling that's not your usual egg mayo or BLT