Entirely Food https://entirely.media/food/business-news/ Food Business News Environment and wellbeing at the heart of Wrights Food Group's new appointments https://entirely.media/food/business-news/uk/north-west/crewe/environment-and-wellbeing-at-the-heart-of-wrights-food-groups-new-appointments7128 Crewe-based Wrights Food Group has appointed two new senior members of the team whose combined focus includes environmental, ethical and wellbeing issues. Finley Howell Win a Scholarship on a professional Cooks Certificate in Food and Wine https://entirely.media/food/business-news/uk/london/london/win-a-scholarship-on-a-professional-cooks-certificate-in-food-and-wine7928 Cookery School at Little Portland Street are offering a scholarship place, free of charge, on their Cook s Certificate in Food and Wine, for someone with a socially driven foodie goal. Rosalind Rathouse Bryn the Gin Wins Spirit Awards https://entirely.media/food/business-news/uk/north-east/sunderland-/bryn-the-gin-wins-spirit-awards1156 Wearside based Gin distributor House of Ruhr has won silver medals at the 4th London Spirits Competition. The medals are an ultimate endorsement in the global spirits industry. House of Ruhr s Bergmann, Renton and Vogel gins scored highly in the three judging categories of quality, value and packaging. Keith Newman Lay The Table signs up Delifonseca https://entirely.media/food/business-news/uk/north-west/liverpool/lay-the-table-signs-up-delifonseca1699 Multiple award-winning Delifonseca has signed to Liverpool entrepreneur Philip Bell s Lay The Table model joining Sapporo as the second partner in combining the best ingredients, taste and delivery experience. Laura Lingstrom Mosborough Hall Hotel Unveils New Dining Experience as Lockdown Measures Ease https://entirely.media/food/business-news/uk/yorkshire/sheffield/mosborough-hall-hotel-unveils-new-dining-experience-as-lockdown-measures-ease1907 The new menu will focus on relaxed al fresco dining from April 12, 2021, with a selection of wood-fired pizzas freshly cooked in the outdoor oven and authentic BBQ classics. The menu is served by the Hotel s team to your table in the pretty courtyard dining space, with new socially distanced seating areas, or to the garden pavilion which offers a more private dining opportunity. Sarah Lewis The Victoria shows support for local community https://entirely.media/food/business-news/uk/north-west/walshaw/the-victoria-shows-support-for-local-community8120 One year on from being forced to close its doors due to coronavirus, a local pub is reflecting on how it has utilised the lockdown period to overhaul the way they do business and to give back to the local community. Grace Grieve