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Jonathan Mackley

Jonathan has a background in journalism and has written content in several industries. He now works in the marketing sector providing coverage for various clients.

A Guide to Growing Your Own Christmas Dinner

By Jonathan Mackley

Dec 04 2019 12:00AM

Food Business News - Cooking a big meal is something that brings us together, especially at Christmas time. But, how often do you follow a recipe card by going to the supermarket to purchase your ingredients This article will show you how to remove that stressful element from your Christmas route by showing you how you can grow your own veg for Christmas dinner.

A Guide to Growing Your Own Christmas Dinner

Health Business News - Unfortunately, fear is a necessary part of life and is essential in keeping us safe from threatening objects and situations. When we re scared, our bodies trigger the flight-or-fight response, also known as the acute stress response.

How to Stop Phobias Ruining Your Life

Eating Completely Clean in the North East of England

By Jonathan Mackley

Dec 03 2019 12:00AM

Food Business News - Anyone who id the proud owner of an eatery will appreciate the meticulous eye for detail that is necessary for an establishment to meet UK hygiene standards. The Food Standards Agency is the body responsible for assessing and distributing food hygiene ratings to venues across the nation.

Eating Completely Clean in the North East of England

5 Top Tips for Setting Up a New Business

By Jonathan Mackley

Dec 03 2019 12:00AM

Marketing Business News - One of the most daunting tasks is setting up your own business. Particularly because so much can potentially go wrong. In the private sector in the UK, there were 5.9 million businesses at the start of 2019. Over 5.8 million of these were small businesses of up to 49 employees. This is a 3.

5 Top Tips for Setting Up a New Business

How to find your brand purpose

Dec 03 2019 12:00AM

Marketing Business News - Businesses often rely on their product or services and marketing campaigns to determine their market position. We know these are important elements of the offering and promotional activities for growth. But these, alone, miss an important, emotional connection with the audience your PURPOSE.

How to find your brand purpose

Health Business News - Loneliness has a large presence amongst the older generations. 43 per cent of those aged 60 and above live alone while half of older people consider their TV as their biggest source of company. It is evident that many elderly people are without sufficient company or socialising opportunities.

Loneliness in the Winter - how can you cope?

Retail Business News - As technology within the retail sector continues to improve, stores have progressed from physical channels to digital and the number of stores on the high street has continued to decline. Several well-known UK brands have gone into liquidation and closed down, with Mothercare becoming the latest in a long line of retailers to meet this fate.

The Decline of the UK High Street Continues

A profession in fashion after schooling what options are there?

By Jonathan Mackley

Nov 29 2019 12:00AM

Recruitment Business News - Are you thinking of following a profession in fashion once you ve completed education There are a wide range of options available aside from the ones you may expect, such as designers and models. From a career in fashion-related finance, to discovering a role in communications, the opportunities are varied.

A profession in fashion after schooling  what options are there?

Leisure Business News - The Northumberland coastline offers visitors some of the most breathtaking and idyllic scenery in the United Kingdom, while a few miles in land those who frequent here will be to tell you of the hustle and bustle of the city.

Planning on taking a trip to the North East? Find out the best places to visit with your canine companion!

Technology Business News - Certain brands go down the line of product placement. Fans of popular evening soap Coronation Street helped the hashtag roysrolls trend after the show replaced Roy s standard coffee with the alternative, big brand Costa Coffee.

What can we expect from advertising in the Automotive sector?

Leisure Business News - Those of us who abandon all good intentions come January 2nd will also be familiar with how easy it is to brush any guilt off.

Cumbria Events to battle your New Years Resolution

Leisure Business News - Taking a much-needed break from the festive frenzy can be a blessing, and while you might be tempted to stay indoors and recoup, a winter walk could be the perfect way to re-energize. The whole family can get involved It can be difficult to unwind during the lead up to Christmas.

Scenic winter walking routes in Cumbria

Marketing Business News - Sponsorship in sports is highly sought after. In Formula 1, teams emblazon brands across their uniforms and cars, while in football, clubs have a sponsor showing on the front of their strip.

How influential can sports sponsorships be?

Leisure Business News - Learning to drive is a huge milestone in life. While most qualified drivers will take to the wheel of many cars as their driving careers progress, many of us will always remember the car model that we passed our test in.

L Plates Be Gone Top 5 Car Models for Driving Instructors in 2019

Finance Business News - We all know that throughout the world, business deals are a daily occurrence. But have you ever thought about etiquette rules when you do business in a different country It might not seem like a big deal, but etiquette can show that you re familiar with and have respect for the social norms of that country.

How Business Etiquette Differs Across the Globe

Recruitment Business News - When studying an undergraduate degree, most of us try to avoid thinking the inevitable what on earth do I do next It s unlikely that in the last three years or so you ve paused the partying to think about the next stage of your life seriously. As with all major life decisions, there are pros and cons to consider.

4 Reasons to Study a Postgraduate Course

Food Business News - The average Brit adult spends nearly 1,000 each year on fast food delights eating nearly eight times as many takeaways than our European neighbours. This equates to 9.8 billion every year being spent on our favourite quick dishes in the UK.

Why British men are Europe's biggest takeaway consumers

Retail Business News - According to a 2018 survey, the Christmas period is the most popular time of year for couples to get engaged that includes Christmas Eve, Christmas day, and New Year s Eve. If you re planning to propose, there can be a lot of pressure to get everything perfect.

The best settings for an unforgettable Christmas proposal

Legal Business News - Earlier this year, the EU released its directive on article 13 and internet users reacted with panic as meme culture was threatened.

The meme ban & some of the worlds strangest legislations

Growing carbon consciousness with Traidcraft this Black Friday

By Jonathan Mackley

Nov 18 2019 12:00AM

Retail Business News - Traidcraft is tackling the shopping frenzy of Black Friday by joining the ongoing climate change event instead of the shopping craze. The company will be spreading the call for shoppers to become more carbon conscious instead of discount detecting, with a series of events on Friday 29th November.

Growing carbon consciousness with Traidcraft this Black Friday

Recruitment Business News - People matter. People make your business or break your business. Getting the right people in the right roles doing the right job is fundamental to the success of your business, no matter how large or how small. This is crucial when you re hiring, planning an expansion, seeking succession and nurturing talent.

How people grow great businesses

Finance Business News - When you re a small company, saving money in any way is essential to becoming profitable and staying afloat or expanding. Office space can play a big part in this, with the likes of energy consumption being a main way to cut costs.

Vehicle investments for SMEs  What are the options?

Recruitment Business News - Motor retailer Lookers is expanding its parts and distributions operations after opening a brand-new bespoke facility in Aston, Birmingham.

Lookers creates new jobs in Birmingham as part of growing focus on aftersales customers

Marketing Business News - They say that news travels fast but in business, the world s biggest brands travel even faster. Infamous logos, catchy slogans and celebrity endorsements seem to appear in every corner of the world.

How the worlds biggest brands have established themselves across the globe

Health Business News - Being a parent, teacher, or just being a part of a child s life is seen to have some responsibility to teach them values, information, and to act as a role model. This gives the child a good start to life and potential for the future. However, it is never viewed as working both ways.

The Top Six Lessons That Adults Can Learn from Children