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How people grow great businesses

How people grow great businesses

"Getting the right people in the right roles doing the right job is fundamental to the success of your business, no matter how large or how small."

People matter.  People make your business or break your business.

Getting the right people in the right roles doing the right job is fundamental to the success of your business, no matter how large or how small.

This is crucial when you’re hiring, planning an expansion, seeking succession and nurturing talent.  It’s also crucial when the business moves from that ‘the founder does everything around here’ point to ‘quite a lot has to be delegated so the founder can grow the business.’  We’ve learned over the years that when the founder or owner moves into a more strategic/leadership role, the stuff they used to do usually requires another three people to be recruited!

No wonder some business owners are burnt out, they are literally doing the job of about four people.

There are four key systems within a business:

  1. Back office – all the HR, IT, finance etc
  2. Economic engine – revenues you bring in this year
  3. Future growth – strategies and plans for revenues in the next few years
  4. Culture – this oils the wheels of the other three systems and is important

The typical business owner has a foot in all camps, which is why they burn out.  They’re trying to juggle the back office, whilst selling and desperately trying to find time to look towards the future and maintain that brilliant culture they envisaged when they started the business.

By now, you’ll have spotted the fatal flaw in this way of working.  The business owner runs out of time.  Something gets overlooked and either the credit control fails to happen, the sales falter or the business has no idea where it’s going in the next few years, beyond just ‘growing’.

There are several things that happen to the business due to this lack of capacity in the business;

  1. It might over trade – selling too much too quickly whilst costs spiral out of control
  2. It might start losing customers due to poor service
  3. It might start losing good people due to a disorganised and chaotic culture
  4. It might stay stuck in a terrible cycle of exhaustion whilst the owner attempts to plug gaps rather than slowing down, taking stock and recruiting some key people to increase capacity

Tricres, who offer online business coaching, recommend using the Players on the Pitch model to plan this capacity. Find the right kind of people to take full accountability and responsibility for those areas of the business you, as the owner cannot possibly hold onto.  Let go of some stuff.  This is the only way you’ll be able to grow.

It’s important to take your time, get the right people in the right roles doing the right jobs.  Play to people’s strengths.  Don’t force a tech person to sell.  It will never work.  Don’t ask a sales person to do the admin, that will end in tears. Find people’s strengths and play to them.  Play to your own strengths.  If you love developing business, do that and be the CEO.  If you love tech, do that and be the CEO.  Then find other people to fill the gaps you’ve left.