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Marketing Business News - Strategy is one of those words businesspeople use so often I fear it s in danger of losing its meaning. Let s be clear. A strategy is more than just a plan. The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word A plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim . While acknowledging that a strategy is a plan of action, notice that the dictionary definition specifically also refers to a long-term or overall aim . A strategy is about moving us from a current situation to a different future situation.

A STAR approach is best route to success online

Marketing Business News - Over 85 of consumers state that they read reviews often or very often before making an online purchase and including product reviews on an online store leads to conversion increases for over half of retailers. Verified vs unverified. Firstly, verified reviews carry more weight and authority.

Here's why verified customer reviews matter more than price

Marketing Business News - For many of us, we thought it would never happen. For those that weren t in this camp, chances are they were amongst those who simply put it to the back of their mind and forgot about it yes, we re talking about Brexit.

Post Brexit Britain  International Marketing Laws That Could Be Introduced

Marketing Business News - Not only has the Covid-19 pandemic affected our economy, health and personal lives, it has also and continues to, fundamentally challenge the way brands market themselves, specifically in the form of events, conference and exhibitions.

The New Normal of events time to retool and build back better

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