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Heart-led Entrepreneurs Unite With Women from Across the World

Sharing Inspirational Stories of Self-Acceptance, Living Your Purpose, Determination and Change in Global Bestselling Book - THERE SHE GLOWS NEW WORLD TALES FROM WOMEN WHO DARED TO COME HOME TO THEMSELVES

Heart-led Entrepreneurs Unite With Women from Across the World

"Careers, lives and families have been changed as a result of women adjusting their thinking and listening to their hearts... "
Lucy Crane

Two incredible female heart-led entrepreneurs who have united with 17 other amazing women from across the world in an empowered act of collaboration, are this week celebrating the bestselling success of their collaboration book ‘There She Glows’ -showing what’s possible when women dare to come home to that place of self-acceptance, live with purpose and determination, share their gifts and shake the world.


Only a few hours after the eagerly anticipated book’s release – it flew to number one on the Amazon book charts in many categories including; home-based businesses and women & spirituality. 


Lucy Crane and Stacey Knight-Jones are leaders of the Glow Society™ a Global Collective, consisting of heart-led women from across the world who are ready to finally break free, live their purpose, launch their calling, and be awakened to their highest purpose, potential and dreams.  The duo have partnered with 17 incredible women from around the world, from countries including; the UK, Australia, and Germany and together, these co-authors share their own journeys of; grief, trauma, adventure, new perspectives, new paradigms, the journey of trusting and being you, and chasing your dreams (no matter what age you are), as well as more lifelong support and everyday health challenges.


Lucy, 32, is a Soul Aligned Business Alchemist, NLP Practitioner, Theta Healer, Accredited Master Coach, 4x Best Selling Author, and the Founder of the Glow Society™; has joined forces with her soul sister, Stacey, 37, from Staffordshire, who is a Mindfulness Expert, NLP Practitioner, Life Purpose Coach, and fellow Best-Selling Author to launch this incredibly powerful collaboration book ‘There She Glows’ - showcasing many women who in their own journeys have left their old stories behind them, realising their dreams and sharing their gifts to shake the world in their own unique way. Together both Lucy and Stacey ignite the Feminine and Masculine Energies of Life, Business and Coaching Mastery (the Yin and the Yang) providing women with the guidance, love, support, knowledge, and inspiration to fearlessly launch their calling, come home to the magic that is already in them and live and be like they never thought they could.


The co-authors come from every walk of life including; entrepreneurs, coaches and charity founders, fashion consultants and therapists. They have each endured and enjoyed many of life’s joys and challenges, from trauma and loss to revelation and change, but the single thing that unites them, is their determination to be true to who they are. Within the pages of ‘There She Glows’ readers find the exciting results of what happens when women come home to that place of self-acceptance.


Lucy and Stacey met a couple of years ago and immediately felt aligned. These business soul sisters, have now further spread the power of collaboration with the creation of this book, and hope to spread it even further with the ripple effect of its wider readership.


Lucy said; “At Glow Society™ we have created a Global Collective and together we are creating a movement for the new paradigm of Coaching, Business and Living. One that is led by alignment, intuition, and soul. One that allows women to truly be a beacon of light for others as they remain in their truth, so that they can create a life and business that reflects their version of extraordinary and highest values. As we GLOW, one person at a time, we can truly light up the world.”


In 2008, Lucy left her teaching career following years of dedication, sacrifice, and hard work due to overwhelm, stress and the guilt that she was never truly present. Riddled with anxiety and guilt she spent hours wondering “what if?” until coming to the realisation that she could take responsibility for changing her circumstances.  Lucy re-skilled to recreate a life which absolutely reflected her vision and values. Now, with years of experience she has helped countless other women to discover who they really are, and then have the confidence to make the decisions they need to make to reflect that.  “Careers, lives and families have been changed as a result of women adjusting their thinking and listening to their hearts.” says Lucy, “ and I’m absolutely thrilled to be the catalyst for that.”


This book is the next step to sharing this courage more widely; Lucy said: “Through shining a light on the journeys of seventeen incredible women from around the world, we hope to inspire change, create freedom and empower others to live at their full potential. We are delighted that this book has become a global bestseller and our hope is that this book brings others; the confidence to know their self-worth, the strength to chase their dreams and the ability to know how capable they are.


Lucy Continues; “I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our amazing contributors for sharing their beautiful and courageous stories; for choosing Love over Fear and having the courage to share their truth to empower the rest of the world. We have complete love and gratitude for them all, and between them we know they will support the reader, in getting to the highest and most inspired vision for their lives and futures.”


Stacey Knight-Jones, 37, has always been inspired by her children and supporting women to create a life that allows them to be present with who and what matters most in their world. She had a vast background in many entities always striving to fill that calling she had inside of her to be and live more. It wasn’t until she took her own journey of coming home and embracing her own magic that she was truly able to break free as an entrepreneur.  Stacey is the Co-founder of the Glow Society, and says; “I wholeheartedly believe we’re capable of having it all and living a life of uncompromised dreams. I work with women every day who want to live, create and experience. I also know it’s scary to make a change and to even think that any of this is possible. I used to feel the same and it takes commitment and bravery and that’s what this book is all about; it will give confidence to every reader, that if these women are making the change, so can they!”


Lucy said: “It’s time to come home to who you already are. When you realise your own innate significance, that’s when dreams are seized, Purpose and Potential are pursued, Love and Alignment are attained, Wealth and Freedom are created.  In collaborating in this way, we walk together to leave our old stories behind us and instead only follow what lights us up. In doing so we light up the world. We GLOW.


‘There She Glows is available to purchase on Amazon – UK - https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B097QKQSYR


There She Glows is being launched with an Online Event to Celebrate each and every one of the Authors and to further support the message, inspiration and blessings that the readers can experience from this book. Together, Lucy and Stacey feel incredibly passionate about supporting women to share their message to the world, to inspire and empower others, as well as providing a platform for women to truly shine and step out into the world. After the positive impact of this Collaboration Series, 'There She Glows' – Lucy and Stacey plan to create future opportunities for women with new book collaborations already in the pipeline. 


'There She Glows' has been published by the award-winning team at Authors & Co, who work to showcase and celebrate the empowering stories of women, Founder Abigail Horne said: “At Authors & Co we work with entrepreneurs who want to make an impact through leaving their legacy and the audience we serve are those with inquiring minds, keen to drink in information, and learn from others’ experiences. Our authors always lead their readers to reflect on their own lives and if aligned, make use of the teachings to move forward themselves”. Authors & Co has already changed the lives of many women and female entrepreneurs from around the world, having helped almost 200 women globally to become best-selling authors, whilst reaching millions of readers worldwide. 



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