Entirely Health https://entirely.media/health/business-news/ Health Business News Bronwyn Leads Careline Lifestyles Marketing Team https://entirely.media/health/business-news/uk/north-east/newcastle-/bronwyn-leads-careline-lifestyles-marketing-team3883 Two new marketing and communication professionals have joined Careline Lifestyles, an independent provider of high-quality nursing and residential care who operate nine homes from Teesside to North Northumberland. Keith Newman Chronic Lung Condition Patients Kept Safe During Lockdown in NHS Project https://entirely.media/health/business-news/uk/midlands/stoke-on-trent/chronic-lung-condition-patients-kept-safe-during-lockdown-in-nhs-project7027 The project has seen more than 240 patients with chronic lung conditions use virtual reality headsets, to carry out supervised pulmonary rehabilitation exercises at home. Jessica Oliver Music and Laughter The Best Medicine for Special NHS Show https://entirely.media/health/business-news/uk/north-east/newcastle-/music-and-laughter-the-best-medicine-for-special-nhs-show7996 Northumberland Freemasons have pledged their support to the NHS by sponsoring a special variety show to say thank you to NHS, Social Care and Frontline Workers. Keith Newman Basingstoke care home buries lockdown time capsule https://entirely.media/health/business-news/uk/south-east/basingstoke/basingstoke-care-home-buries-lockdown-time-capsule2735 Old Raven House care home in Hook near Basingstoke has commemorated the recent easing of lockdown restrictions by planting a time capsule in the home s garden. Hannah Rudolph Stanley Young People Combat Mental Health Issues https://entirely.media/health/business-news/uk/north-east/durham-/stanley-young-people-combat-mental-health-issues3669 A TRIO of Stanley projects have pledged to help young people after research showed a decline in their mental health during the pandemic. The report, published by Stanley Area Youth Consortium, found that young people in the area were experiencing increased anxiety, social isolation and worry about the future, with girls faring worse than boys. Keith Newman Westerham care home centenarian celebrates milestone birthday https://entirely.media/health/business-news/uk/south-east/westerham/westerham-care-home-centenarian-celebrates-milestone-birthday4889 A resident at Westerham Place care home has marked her 100th birthday with a card from the Queen and a special visit from her nominated visitor, daughter Carolyn Guiness. Joan Collier was joined by residents and staff at the Quebec Square home, in the landmark celebration which included afternoon tea with her daughter. Hannah Rudolph NHS and Healthcare Bodies Collaborate for Free Tech Webinars https://entirely.media/health/business-news/uk/midlands/stoke-on-trent/nhs-and-healthcare-bodies-collaborate-for-free-tech-webinars7312 The webinars are titled tech for dummies boost your health and wellbeing , and are designed to encourage people to incorporate digital technology into their daily lives, in order to boost their wellbeing. Jessica Oliver NHS Partner Launches Awards to Celebrate Community Digital Heroes https://entirely.media/health/business-news/uk/midlands/stoke-on-trent/nhs-partner-launches-awards-to-celebrate-community-digital-heroes2502 NHS partner digihealthwell and Wavemaker, digital engagement specialists, are delighted to announce the launch of the Digital Champion in Health, Social Care and Wellbeing Awards. Jessica Oliver The South East Has Suffered the Most Asbestos-Related Deaths https://entirely.media/health/business-news/uk/north-east/newcastle/the-south-east-has-suffered-the-most-asbestos-related-deaths6927 As we ve spent more time inside our homes, many of us are starting our own refurbishment projects. We re making our living spaces more liveable and improving the design, whether out of necessity or sheer boredom. Stephen Kellie Cheshire-based investor backs female wellness brand https://entirely.media/health/business-news/uk/north-west/cheshire/cheshire-based-investor-backs-female-wellness-brand4508 Sonny Arora has a successful background in food ingredients, having established the world s leading independent, non-GMO and natural emulsifiers business, trading in 40 markets globally. Sue Souter Shropshire Homecare Provider Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary https://entirely.media/health/business-news/uk/midlands/telford/shropshire-homecare-provider-celebrates-10-years-anniversary6514 The independent, family-run business offer a range of in-home care services, including personal care services, social care services and cleaning services. Jessica Oliver Business and mindset specialist helps therapists to prosper during the pandemic https://entirely.media/health/business-news/uk/yorkshire/leeds/business-and-mindset-specialist-helps-therapists-to-prosper-during-the-pandemic5124 Yorkshire-based business consultant and mindset specialist, Zoe Thompson, is celebrating the launch of her book The Build It Brilliant Blueprint 4 steps to taking your business online, a book for helping professionals . Caroline Joynson Raising Your Kids in the Digital World https://entirely.media/health/business-news/uk/north-east/gateshead/raising-your-kids-in-the-digital-world2957 With the age of digitalisation commencing, the world is not the same as it was just a few decades ago. From mobile phones to desktops and game consoles, this generation is presented with an abundance of digital devices to keep them entertained. Stephen Kellie Six Simple Steps to Re-energise Your Home https://entirely.media/health/business-news/uk/north-west/manchester/six-simple-steps-to-re-energise-your-home2057 Yes you ve cleaned and had a cupboard clear out, but after a year of Lockdowns, and spending more time in the house than ever before, it s probably time to go further and to give your home an energy re-boot using 2021 s hottest principles. Kirsty Hunt Nurse Receives Healthwatch Award for Care and Positivity. https://entirely.media/health/business-news/uk/north-east/newcastle/nurse-receives-healthwatch-award-for-care-and-positivity7790 A Newcastle nursing and residential home s Clinical Lead Nurse has been awarded a prestigious Healthwatch Newcastle Star for her caring and positive nature. Healthwatch Newcastle gathers and represents the views and experiences of children and adults on local health and social care services. Keith Newman Top Tips For Dealing With Stressed Out Skin From The Inside Out https://entirely.media/health/business-news/uk/north-west/manchester/top-tips-for-dealing-with-stressed-out-skin-from-the-inside-out9999 More people are suffering from sensitive skin than ever before, according to new reports, and stress may be a cause. As April is Stress Awareness Month, leading homecare brand Surcare is reminding people of the ways they can to be kinder to stressed out sensitive skin from the inside and out. Kirsty Hunt How to reduce the impact of stress on your eyesight https://entirely.media/health/business-news/uk/north-west/manchester/how-to-reduce-the-impact-of-stress-on-your-eyesight5439 This Stress Awareness Month April 2021 , leading eye expert Dr Andy Hepworth from Essilor.co.uk, shares four surprising ways that stress can affect eyesight and offers advice on how to reduce its impact. Kirsty Hunt