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Deddington care home resident given freedom with new wheels

A resident at Featherton House care home in Deddington, who spent most of her time in her bedroom, has been given the gift of freedom with a new specialist wheelchair.

Deddington care home resident given freedom with new wheels

"Im really pleased Mum has been able to go downstairs and socialise! Hopefully when the weather is better, we can go out on little jaunts."
Martin Clist, Elsies son

Elsie Clist, 87, has had mobility problems for several years and needed a hoist to get out of bed, so often chose to remain in her room. During the summer months, she longed to go outside but due her condition, ‘leaning posture’, she was advised to use a specialised wheelchair.


With help from the home, based on Chapel Square to source and acquire one, Elsie was given her new set of wheels on Valentine’s Day.


Since receiving her new specialist wheelchair, Elsie has already been able to enjoy socialising much more including lunch with her fellow residents and has even been to see a memory lane production at Featherton House.


Elsie said: “I can’t thank the staff at Featherton House enough for helping me to get a new wheelchair. I’m really looking forward to making the most of my newfound freedom and can’t wait to be outside in the sunshine when it gets a bit warmer.”


Martin Clist, Elsie’s son, said: “I’m really pleased Mum has been able to go downstairs and socialise! Hopefully when the weather is better, we can go out on little jaunts.”


Louise Cowley, deputy home manager at Featherton House, said: “We work hard to ensure each of our residents are provided with the things they need to ensure they have a good quality of life. I’m pleased that we were able to secure a specialist wheelchair for Elsie to enable her to be more adventurous and I’m looking forward to helping her make some wonderful memories in the warmer months.”


Featherton House care home is part of Wren Retirement Living and is currently managed by Healthcare Management Solutions. The home is rated ‘Good’ by the CQC with a rating of ‘Outstanding’ for care.


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