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Take back control of your mental health

8 Wise Ways to a Healthier Happier Mind

Take back control of your mental health

"Wellness is a combination of eight core dimensions and by achieving balance across these dimensions, anyone reading the book can take steps to improve their quality of life in every area."
Kim Rutherford

Spring earlier this year marked the start of ‘Stress Awareness’ month, and the launch of a wonderful new book titled ‘8 Wise Ways to a Healthier Happier Mind’.

Written by qualified psychotherapist, coach and corporate trainer Kim Rutherford, the book is ideal for those who are looking to take back control of their mental health and to begin the process of feeling better about themselves and all aspects of their lives.

Kim has enjoyed a career spanning over a decade in corporate business at a senior level and her 8Wise™ approach focuses on developing realistic goals with tangible outcomes, improving different areas of life, including improving work satisfaction and work life balance, changing jobs or careers, improving personal or professional relationships, improving health or fulfilling both personal and professional potential.

She works collaboratively with clients in order to develop solutions to issues and life challenges, empowering them to set and reach goals and make the necessary changes for a happier more productive and fulfilling life.

Kim knows only too well, from first hand experience, the struggles that mental health issues can bring, having lived with someone from a young age who battled with such troubles. She then experienced her own difficulties as she grew older and as a result of living through these experiences she came to understand both angles: spotting the signs of inner turmoil in both herself and in others. She is now passionate about helping others to recognise the warning signs in their own lives and works tirelessly to empower others in taking action to address potential problems.

8 Wise Ways is based on 8Wise™, a tried and tested formula that Kim uses with both her coaching and corporate clients; helping those who have mental health issues to gain a sense of purpose, be actively involved in both their work and personal lives, have hobbies that are satisfying, find happiness, have joyful relationships, and assisting them with looking at ways to cultivate a healthy body and living environment.

She believes that our wellness is a combination of eight core dimensions and that by achieving balance across these dimensions anyone reading the book can take steps to improve their quality of life in every area.

The 8 core dimensions are as follows:

Emotional - When you are emotionally well you have a positive attitude, high self-esteem, a strong sense of self and the ability to recognise and share a wide range of feelings with others in a constructive way. You find it easy to cope with life and build successful relationships.

Physical - To achieve physical wellbeing you need to take proper care of your body for optimal health and functioning. Eat healthy foods, exercise, get adequate sleep every night and avoid the bad habits that come with consuming or doing things to excess.

Spiritual - Spiritual wellbeing has to do with finding meaning in life events, understanding your life’s purpose and living in a way that reflects your values and beliefs.

Environmental - To be environmentally well you need to be aware of the interactions between the environment, your community and yourself and behave in such a way that reflects a responsible and caring attitude towards each one. You should spend most of your time in a place that soothes you and in the company of individuals who support you.

Social - When you have achieved social wellbeing you will have built strong relationships with others, dealt with conflict appropriately and connected to a positive social network.

Intellectual – You are stimulated and intellectually well when you are willing to learn and are open to new ideas. You also make time to embrace creativity, you engage with critical thinking and you aspire to seek out healthy new challenges and adventures.

Occupational - Seek to have a career that is interesting, enjoyable, meaningful, and that contributes to wider society. Then, put your focus on and being content with the progress you have made.

Financial - You do not need to be rich to achieve financial health, but you do need to live within your means and learn to manage your finances for both the short and long term, with the aim of having enough to be happy.

Throughout the 8 Wise Ways book you will take a deep dive into each dimension and be equipped with the tools to be able to assess yourself and to set an action plan with realistic goals. It will also enable you to develop the key techniques that you need to manage your stress levels. This process enables and empowers you to find your own balance and achieve harmony between your body, mind, and spirit – ultimately living a more fulfilling life.

Kim’s book has been written for those looking to bring some balance to their lives, because the real pandemic is the mental health crisis that was already looming prior to the onset of COVID-19. 2021 is a year for each individual to take back control of their mental health and this book will help the reader with taking their first steps towards becoming more resilient.



Kim Rutherford

(foreword by the renowned Dr. Miguel Montenegro)

Is available now from Amazon and all bookshops

Kindle £8.49/Paperback £14.99


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