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Liverpool clinic reveals best PCR practice accolade by regulator

Ghosh Medical closing in on 10.000 travellers tested with PCR swabs

Liverpool clinic reveals best PCR practice accolade by regulator

"We have had one of the highest satisfactions results of any clinic in the UK thus far due to our high standards as a fully UKCAS accredited clinic."
Dr Arun Ghosh

A Liverpool-based clinic assisting people to travel abroad has almost reached the 10,000 mark for those tested and has been praised for their efforts by the industry regulator.

Ghosh Medical Group has been helping people desperate for a beach holiday in the likes of Portugal along with business travellers on essential trips abroad.

Founder and director Dr Arun Ghosh said: “We’ve been so busy helping so many patients that we haven’t noticed how many people have been tested until we were asked.  We’ve also had one of the highest satisfactions results of any clinic in the UK thus far due to our high standards as a fully UKCAS accredited clinic and as the regulator of all swabs testing, they have added us to their website as a test case example of best practice in the industry.”

As is widely known each individual country and their airlines have their own restrictions when it comes to travel during the Coronavirus pandemic. By taking a COVID-19 PCR Test you can ensure that you are virus-free and have evidence to prove that this is the case.

Dr Ghosh added: “Not only will taking a PCR swab test give you peace of mind, it will also help you overcome any potential travel restrictions during the ever changing COVID-19 pandemic situation especially with different countries moving across different colour codes and the consequences of that.”

“In addition, if a patient is not sure what the requirements are for certain countries and what tests need to be performed, our friendly staff are here to help, explain and advise. We’re doing all the tests here too so it will save time and hassle for patients.”

Ghosh Medical Group’s Liverpool and Wirral clinics are currently carrying out PCR tests with results processed as soon as 4 hours.

Restrictions on international travel vary from country to country, with many requiring a medical certificate as proof of a negative test result for Covid-19. Being in possession of this can help air passengers in some instances gain entry to the country without needing to undergo a period of quarantine.

“Even if you are travelling to a country that does not require any proof that you are Covid-19-free, taking a test can give you and your family extra peace of mind that you are safe to travel and are not a risk to other passengers,” maintains Dr Ghosh.

In addition, Ghosh Medical Group are also offering Roche Antigen testing for COVID-19. The Roche Antigen test returns results within 30 minutes and is approved for testing for travel to the Canary Islands (Spain), Hong Kong and Italy. The test involves a professionally administered swab taken from the nasal cavity and processed onsite at Ghosh Medical Group.

The Rodney Street-based clinic also has travel-safe flight certificate testing which includes same day testing called RT-PCR. It is UKAS and CQC accredited and fully approved by ALL airlines.

Dr Ghosh and his team have put together a comprehensive list of advice via FAQs on their website to help take the headache out of travel


He concluded: “We all have a responsibility to travel safely. That is for the safety of the other people we are travelling with, the countries we are going to and our nation when we get back.

“This means testing is going to be needed at some point, that’s on your departure and return…you may even need a test to fly out and a test to fly back from certain countries and then additional tests to release after your or during your quarantine period. Finding the right clinic to help you navigate through this mind field is going to be essential.”


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