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Beach Boxing for mental health takes off in Liverpool

Wellness coach building brand on reputation and success

Beach Boxing for mental health takes off in Liverpool

"Beach Boxing is very much a public-facing event. It involves exercise, some pad work and how to combine breathing for movement, all really useful in the pursuit of a better you."
John Bullock

Pain Point Coach has been especially visible in New Brighton and Crosby of late, mostly owing to their new venture known as Beach Boxing.

The Liverpool wellness company’s focus since it launched two years ago was to enable clients to achieve flow through the subconscious mind both in work and life and founder John Bullock has spent tireless hours engaging with businesses and communities with his passion for helping people maximise their potential.

He said: “In essence, rather than offer basic remedies to develop the subconscious mind, I have always preferred the physical rather than mental road to successfully doing that.”

In his younger days, Liverpudlian John Bullock boxed his way to British Champion in the eighties but the experience left him with far more than just the glory and memories that go with it.

A sports scientist and psychologist at heart, Bullock used the logical side of his brain to latterly develop a successful career in property and accountancy.

Through his passion and business vehicle, Pain Point Coach, enabling people to fulfil their potential is Bullock’s key objective in his work which he describes as a collaboration of “all he’s learned in sport and business to date.”

Now Bullock has set up Beach Boxing to demonstrate how we can re-programme our conditioned patterns of thoughts and behaviours and move on to a better quality of life.

He explained: “How do we find joy and fun in e.g. our everyday work and family life? Joy is a prime motivator of your heart. So how can you find joy and value in what you do? I thought one day a few months back that using the exercise and technical sides of beach boxing could be a great way of engaging my message. Our mindsets are improved the more we physically practice something. We become more confident and more assured in who we are via the knowledge that we can develop through our good habits.”

Bullock’s successes thus far with Pain Point Coach have come at an impressively high-profile level including working with The British Army.

“Ultimately, I’ve been able to combine experiential learning with the development of the subconscious mind. This has brought to the people I’ve been working with, a deeply profound sense of fun and joy as a critical part of advancing their self-development. 

As for his latest activity, more centred on community, Bullock is keen to attract all those who want to better themselves physically and mentally, albeit at their own pace with a smile on their face in learning something new.

“Beach Boxing is very much a public-facing event, fully inclusive, free and something I’d love anyone regardless of fitness to explore. It involves exercise, some pad work and how to combine breathing for movement, all really useful in the pursuit of a better you.”

Further details are available via www.painpointcoach.co.uk


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