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Finance Business News - With IPO s trending, it can seem pedestrian to want to retain control of your company. But there are many compelling reasons to do so. So while everyone else is listing, let s go through the reasons not to. In short, entrepreneurs could raise money without going public, stay more agile, retain their power and ultimately enjoy less regulation. Raise money without IPO One of the most compelling reasons to list is funding.

Why entrepreneurs should keep companies private

Finance Business News - Accountancy Cloud is an award-winning London-based accounting firm on a mission to be the number one finance partner for startups. It provides online accounting, R amp D credits and CFO services for businesses wanting to grow. The organisation has overseen some of the fastest growing brands in the UK.

Building a predictable, data compliant pipeline

Finance Business News - It is no secret that the South West of England has been lagging behind for many years. As a region, it suffers from low wages, low productivity and high unemployment rates. The same trends can also be found in its major cities Bristol and Plymouth, amongst others. However, with the help of key industries from green energy to aerospace.

Does the South West have the potential to become an economic hub?

Finance Business News - Digital technology has transformed business and sparked innovation on a scale rarely seen before. Just as the last ten years saw remarkable change, so will the next decade. Here are a few ways in which the financial services of the future could look very different to those of today.

What will financial services look like in 2030?

Finance Business News - Preparing for your driving test can be nerve-wracking, but there is usually less pressure than there is this year. If we failed pre-COVID, we could just book in for another two weeks time and try again.

This is How Much You Could Spend Learning to Drive in Lockdown

Finance Business News - As a Lancashire lad, it would be strange if I were not a fan not to say an aficionado of pies I remember many a happy moment munching on a steak pudding from Greenhalgh s of Bolton.

A tasty bit of advice. Why all businesses should think more about PIES

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