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Birmingham Heart-led Entrepreneur Celebrates Book Success with Charity Event

Branding Fairy Godmother and CreativSAS CEO, Jo Jo Smith, 46 shares her incredible story in the number 1 Amazon bestseller, There She Glows - as part of the book launch celebrations, she hosted a POW-WOW charity event in Birmingham where she was joined by Olympian Marilyn Okoro...

Birmingham Heart-led Entrepreneur Celebrates Book Success with Charity Event

"Its a real privilege to be participating in this collaboration and to share my story, which I hope will inspire and give courage to other women."
Jo Jo Smith

This week, heart-led entrepreneur Branding Fairy Godmother and CreativSAS CEO, Jo Jo Smith, 46 is excited to announce the powerful results of joining forces with other incredible women globally as they share their journeys in the number 1 Amazon bestseller, ‘There She Glows’.


As part of the book launch, Jo Jo hosted a POW-WOW event in Birmingham at the Aloft Birmingham Marriott Hotel, Woodcock St on Thursday 1st July, she was joined at the ‘There She Glows - Sassy Soiree’ by British track and field athlete, Olympian Marilyn Okoro and the inspirational entrepreneur, global motivational speaker and award-winning business leader of I Am The Queen Bee Movement (#IATQB) Dani Wallace - they all shared their incredible stories of overcoming and together raised funds over £500 for The Fly Anyway Foundation (https://www.iamthequeenbee.co.uk/flyanyway), which seeks to give opportunities to entrepreneurs coming from a disadvantaged or abusive background, surviving and rebuilding after trauma.


The incredible global best-seller ‘There She Glows’ unites 17 amazing women from across the world in an empowered act of collaboration, which celebrates what’s possible when women dare to come home to that place of self-acceptance, live with purpose and determination, share their gifts and shake the world. Only a few hours after the eagerly anticipated book’s release – it flew to number one on the Amazon book charts including categories; Miracles (Kindle Store), Women's Spirituality and Spiritual Gifts (Kindle Store).  Within the book, Jo Jo Smith shares her story – bravely recounting highs and lows of her personal and business journey and the pivotal moments, which brought her face to face with herself.


Jo Jo said; “There’s a whole ‘Once Upon a Time’ story that includes being a sassy survivor of a child in the care system BUT my positivity is giving me my happy ever after.  I was born in Birmingham and I’m a proud Midlands girl, but I ended up being taken into care at the age of 18 months. My mum had MS and I’ve never known my birth father. I’ve lived in childrens’ home over the course of my young life and, I certainly developed resilience and initiative. I then moved to be with my amazing foster family. I’ve enjoyed fabulous careers in catering and retail but the dream I always had was to do something for me, to run my own business and this was a true pivotal moment for me to face myself head on and heal some wounds and focus on what I wanted and the change I wanted to make on the world.”


“It’s a real privilege to be participating in this collaboration and to share my story, which I hope will inspire and give courage to other women. I feel a responsibility to share the impact of my journey, with all its joys and challenges so that other entrepreneurs are inspired to be true to themselves. The fact is that when we’re honest about that, the world aligns with us and we produce the results we’ve been longing for


“We owe it to ourselves to be totally unapologetically us! I haven’t always lived this way and when I launched out for the first time I was in danger of replicating the grey suits I’d just left behind,” says Jo Jo. “You know that old saying about treating others the way that you would want to be treated? Well I was brilliant at that in business but I suddenly realised, I’m not treating myself that way. I was being kind, compassionate, cheerleading everyone else, providing the best service, going the extra mile… but I left myself out of the equation. The time comes when you realise, you have one life to live and you owe it to yourself to be the best “you” you can be! And that is the liberating truth I want every reader to hear!”


‘There She Glows Kindle or Paperback versions are available to purchase on Amazon - UK - https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B097QKQSYR and has been published by the award-winning team at Authors & Co.


The 17 co-authors within this best-selling book were brought together by Lucy Crane and Stacey Knight-Jones who are the leaders of the Glow Society™ a Global Collective, consisting of heart-led women from across the world who are ready to finally break free, live their purpose, launch their calling, and be awakened to their highest purpose, potential and dreams. The authors come from every walk of life including; entrepreneurs, coaches, charity founders, fashion consultants and therapists… and are based in; the UK, Australia, and Germany.  They have each endured and enjoyed many of life’s joys and challenges, from trauma and loss to revelation and change, but the single thing that unites them, is their determination to be true to who they are. Within the pages of ‘There She Glows’ readers find the exciting results of what happens when women come home to that place of self-acceptance.


Lucy and Stacey met a couple of years ago and immediately felt aligned. These business soul sisters, have now further spread the power of collaboration with the creation of this book, and hope to spread it even further with the ripple effect of its wider readership.  Lucy said; “We are all super happy with the success of this book and the ripple effect it will have globally. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our amazing contributors for sharing their beautiful and courageous stories; for choosing Love over Fear and having the courage to share their truth to empower the rest of the world.”



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