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What Can You Expect Returning to Campsites This Summer?

Summer has arrived, and across the UK, many members of the public are trading in their annual international holidays for something a little more local in the coming months

What Can You Expect Returning to Campsites This Summer?

"Summer has arrived, and across the UK, many members of the public are trading in their annual international holidays for something a little more local in the coming months"

Summer has arrived, and across the UK, many members of the public are trading in their annual international holidays for something a little more local in the coming months. The rise of the staycation has become a staple of the past year, with many attempting to garner a feeling of escapism that has been so limited. And there’s no better place to do that than at a campsite. In fact, UK Google searches for ‘campsites’ at the start of June 2021 were 75 per cent higher than they were at the same time in 2020, and 20 per cent high than 2019 before the pandemic.


However, , there is still the risk of infection. When going on a staycation and visiting a campsite, it’s essential that we take precautions and stay safe while enjoying ourselves. Here, we explore how you can camp safely this summer, and what campsites are doing to improve your holiday experience.


What can you do?

Campsites are now open across all four countries in the UK, and travel is permitted between them. This means that no matter where you go in the UK, you’ll be able to pitch up a tent or rent out a caravan.


Communal spaces, such as showers, toilets, and laundry areas, are also widely available to use. However, while there are no social distancing restrictions in England after 19th July, other UK nations do have some guidance in place. In any situation, it’s better to take precautions.


You may also be limited by group size and have to provide contact details for track and trace purposes. Some campsites will vary in personal policy beyond government advice. In any case, it’s good to keep your social group limited and not to mix too much with others enjoying their camping staycation.


Enjoying your space

While it’s great to see the local area and taste local food, sticking with your family and firing up the barbeque is one of the best things about camping. Taking your own portable gas BBQs is the key to having a good time when camping, and it means that you can enjoy some hot food while some local campsite shops may remain closed due to the pandemic.


Other staple campsite activities that you can take and enjoy on your own pitching site include swing-ball or a simple game of cards. After a long period of isolation, it’s about time we sit back and enjoy the simple things again.


Most campsites will have communal areas to enjoy, including parks and lidos. Of course, you don’t need to avoid these areas. One of the benefits of a campsite is that it is an outdoor space, which means that they’re safer than staying in places such as a hotel that has multiple other guests in confined indoor spaces.


What are campsites doing?

Campsite owners and operators have a duty of care to ensure that infections are avoided and that you can safely access as many facilities as possible.


We spoke to Lenny Gilpin, who owns Curran Caravan Park in Larne, Northern Ireland. Lenny said: “We all have to take responsibility for ensuring that campsites are safe for staff and every guest that visits. From the moment you check-in to the moment you leave, ensuring that you have a good time while preventing infection is essential. Campsites like mine are taking steps to achieve this through limited contact at booking and check-in, and through ensuring facilities are clean and sanitised.


“We’ve been preparing for the return of regular and new campers since the start of the pandemic and now we can welcome guests back safely and begin enjoying outdoor spaces again.”


Many campsite owners and operators take pride in their work and want guests to have fun as well as be safe. Helping them out by following their guidance and ensuring that you sanitise and take precautions can help give campsites the much-needed boost they need after over a year of lockdowns.


If you’re planning on going camping this summer, make sure that you’re safe, but most importantly, have fun.







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