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Technology Business News - This year, the UK became the first country to allow self-driving cars on motorways at low speed. The country is making incredible progress in the trials for autonomous vehicles and is funding innovative projects that will pave the way towards the transport revolution. Technological advancements in terms of AVs are at the forefront of this revolution.

Are British Roads Capable of Catering to Autonomous Vehicles?

Technology Business News - Poor indoor air quality can be defined by high levels of pollutants in the air, such as dust, mould, toxic chemicals and viruses. Any one of these factors can exacerbate health problems, including asthma, allergies and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD .

A breath of fresh air - improving indoor air quality

Technology Business News - Businesses in our mind s eye tend to fall into two categories. We separate traditional, old-world industries from the new and modern. But the lines are becoming blurred.In the past, any heavily digitised business that relied on heavily on tech was in the latter category, but this is now becoming the norm.

Traditional industries on the verge of an innovation boom

Technology Business News - COVID-19 has often been cited as the catalyst accelerating pre-existing trends in the past 18 months, with ecommerce and automation two of many multiple markets championing this school of thought.

Improving your security posture with hybrid identity protection

Technology Business News - While the end may be in sight for full-scale remote working, most companies are looking to continue with flexible working in some form or other. The benefits that both employers and employees have reaped in terms of cost reductions and flexibility are unlikely to be given up quickly.

Moving to the cloud securely remains a significant challenge of flexible working

Technology Business News - It is vital to check your seals constantly whether the machinery is being used or not. Especially during periods of no use, this is the perfect time to check your seals for any signs of damage and wear that you may need to address.

How to Maintain Your Seals During Periods of No Use

Technology Business News - Although it was expected, it didn t make the news any less shocking when Boris Johnson announced that the sale of petrol or diesel cars and vans would be prohibited in the UK from 2030.

The Promising Future of Electric Vehicles

Technology Business News - According to CDP, supply chain emissions are on average 5.5 times higher than the direct emissions produced by a corporation.

Cost Saving Benefits of a Sustainable Supply Chain

Technology Business News - The van leasing market is changing. Innovation and development in infrastructure and competitive pricing are making electric vans the next big step in the industry. Thanks to government legislation, automotive brands are making electric vehicles more popular, with desirable models and increased mile range being released.

To Diesel or Not to Diesel Should Your Business Hire Electric Vans?

Technology Business News - Moving to the cloud seemed to promise so much from longer-term savings to increases in efficiency and productivity. According to Flexera, in 2020 six out of 10 businesses moved their work to the cloud, and IDC predicts that by 2022, 90 of enterprises across the globe will be using multi-clouds. But there is a problem.

Spiralling Azure costs don't necessarily mean a cloud strategy is off course

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