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Quantum computing in financial services

Join Association Quantum for a special webinar on Wednesday 24 June exploring the exponential opportunities of quantum computing in financial services.

Quantum computing in financial services

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  • Starts: Mon Nov 30 -0001 @00:00
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"The eventwill examine the potential impact in the short, medium andlong term across all parts of financial services including retail & corporate banking, asset management and investment banking."
Jeff Lawy, Association Quantum

Association Quantum's PR partner, Northern Hive, has announced details of a special webinar this coming Wednesday at 11:45 EST, 16:45 BST. The free-to-attend webinar will explore the place of quantum technologies within financial services, and be led by Vishal Shete. 

Quantum technologies have the potential to dramatically transform numerous industries including Financial Services. The event will examine the potential impact in the short, medium and long term across all parts of financial services including retail & corporate banking, asset management and investment banking. The host will also examine some of the specific use cases that are possible with today's technologies, what you can do to generate value from early stage quantum technology today and how you can prepare to be a winner in the quantum revolution.

About Vishal

Vishal Shete leads the Quantum Commercialisation practice at Sia Partners in the UK. They create value by solving some of the world's toughest challenges with disruptive technologies such as quantum / quantum-inspired solutions. They help leading corporates (especially in financial services & healthcare) understand possibilities, develop strategies and generate value from adopting quantum technologies. They also help the world's premier technology firms understand the most valuable problems they need to be addressing with their in-house IP in quantum. They are developing commercially viable businesses through applying near-term quantum technologies in financial services, healthcare, manufacturing and energy.

Click here to register for the event.

About Association Quantum

With a core purpose to foster technology innovation and adoption, Association Quantum is a non-profit inspiring communities to innovate for a better tomorrow. Association Quantum will be an essential accelerator for the global community and the go to place for Professionals, enthusiasts & students using quantum technology in improving global conditions through meet-ups, conferences, courses & knowledge sharing resources.



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