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Code Nation 'Cyber Security' Course Launch with Dr David Day

FREE EVENT Are you looking to improve internet security for your business? Want to up-skill your staff on cyber security? Looking to kick-start a career in coding and security?

Code Nation 'Cyber Security' Course Launch with Dr David Day

Event Details:

  • Location: Code Nation 19 Spring Gardens Manchester
  • Postcode: M2 1FB
  • Contact:
  • Phone: 0333 050 4570
  • Email: hello@wearecodenation.com
  • Starts: Tue Feb 5 2019 @18:30
  • Finishes: Tue Feb 5 2019 @20:30

"Society's paradigm of the archetypal hacker is flawed, its understanding of risks misguided, and its reliance on automated protection deranged."
Dr David Day

Then this Open Evening, and keynote presentation by renowned cyber security specialist Dr David Day, is going to be really relevant for you… February 5th is ‘Safer Internet Day’ and what better day to launch our newest course - Develop: Cyber - starting February 25th.

Cyber security is a big deal - cyber threats are on the rise affecting businesses of all scales, and the consequences of a poorly equipped or designed system can be catastrophic.

And to provide some cyber black magic, industry leader and cyber security expert Dr David Day will be sharing ‘the truth about false security’… He says, “society’s paradigm of the archetypal hacker is flawed, its understanding of risks misguided, and its reliance on automated protection deranged. This evening we will explain why the problem is not the technology, but rather our failing relationship with it”.

The Open Evening starts at 6.30pm with an introduction to our new 3 week course, and from 7pm our special guest will wow you with his cyber black magic. Drinks and snacks will be provided throughout the night and we’ll have a Q+A session to close the session.

We’re hosting this event for tech enthusiasts, individuals looking to learn to combat cyber attacks, and businesses in need of some ways to mitigate the risks... See you there.

Our 3-week Develop: Cyber course has been designed from the ground up to introduce you to the fundamentals of Cyber Security.

The course covers computer networking and how systems communicate, the kinds of cyber threats that exist, and ways to protect your systems against them using both technology and the law. Code Nation’s Develop: Cyber will give you the tools you need to kick-start your career in cyber security.

Click here to register for free. 


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