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Shaping Cloud enlisted by South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue to revolutionise their 'Digital Strategy'

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Shaping Cloud enlisted by South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue to revolutionise their 'Digital Strategy'

"We are delighted to have worked with forward thinking people able to put their strategic vision into practice."
Carlos Oliveira, CEO of Shaping Cloud

Shaping Cloud, the specialist consultancy in public sector digital transformation projects, has been working with South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue (SYFR) to provide a digital strategy that helps the fire and rescue service to streamline, modernise and consolidate its IT infrastructure.

SYFR selected Shaping Cloud to deliver a strategic plan with a view to modernise and improve efficiency across the entire organisation’s processes. Other important goals from Shaping Cloud’s commission include eliminating paper processes, introducing automation, and optimising all elements of the service’s IT infrastructure for performance and cost.

After successfully presenting a digital strategy to SYFR, Shaping Cloud’s strategic roadmap was approved by the Board in November 2017, and the project started in January 2018 with final delivery in September of the same year. SYFR have been implementing the digital transformation roadmap since then and continue to work towards its full delivery.

SYFR and Shaping Cloud have already noticed several improvements in efficiency and ways of working. The move to a more integrated, digital approach has meant the relegation of several historic, time-hungry processes, which has already reduced process bottlenecks and improved operational performance while reducing costs. The move to digital also benefits a highly mobile workforce, like the fire service, which deals with a highly dispersed group of 600 firefighters across 22 fire stations, serving 1.3M citizens throughout South Yorkshire.

Steven Locking, IT Manager for SYFR said: “South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue selected Shaping Cloud to help us create a strategic plan to develop modern and fit-for-purpose IT infrastructure, better suited to meet the strategy and objectives of the organisation than the one that had grown organically over time. I believe they have worked in partnership to deliver on that promise so that we can now carry out the implementation of the plan.”

Carlos Oliveira, CEO of Shaping Cloud added: “We’re delighted to have worked with forward thinking people able to put their strategic vision into practice. This will undoubtedly put the fire and rescue service in a strong position to deliver a high quality, lifesaving service long into the future.”


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