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New multichannel marketing strategy for travel insurance brand

World Wide Internet Insurance Services (WWIIS) is set to embark upon a new multichannel marketing strategy, powered by Force24.

New multichannel marketing strategy for travel insurance brand

"Force24 will enable us to take normal lifecycle campaigns to the next level, by delivering the right upsell to the right people at the right time."
Tom Dean

Having covered over four million travellers heading abroad through the company’s award-winning three brands – CoverForYou, Cedar Tree and Outbacker – WWIIS is supplying travel insurance products on a phenomenal scale. But in such a competitive marketplace, the financial services organisation has identified an untapped opportunity to boost its loyalty programme.

The investment in new marketing automation technology will enable WWIIS to communicate with its vast audience on a personalised, individual level, via email and SMS. A points-based system – which accumulates according to the purchase of multiple policies for example – will translate into future discounts, on top of the savings already associated with buying direct.

Commenting on the fresh direction, Tom Dean, Head of Marketing at WWIIS, explains: “This degree of multichannel integration was not previously possible with our old automation system. But Force24 will enable us to take normal lifecycle campaigns to the next level, by delivering the right upsell to the right people at the right time. From multi-trip policies, to gadget cover and anniversary purchases, everything will be far more targeted and streamlined.

“A key aim is to boost customer satisfaction at the same time, which should have a further positive impact on loyalty. Simple ‘welcome home’ messages will now be enhanced to explain what to do if the customer needs to make a claim for instance – we’re making everything incredibly straightforward and hopefully shining a better light on the insurance industry too.”

WWIIS can now send transactional information and marketing campaigns from one platform, to ensure the delivery of important policy information even if the individual unsubscribes from wider promotional correspondence. 

Distributing up to 700,000 tailored emails in one send, WWIIS has also been able to fix the monthly cost of its marketing automation activity, which will provide greater budgetary control when compared to the spiralling fees formerly being encountered.

And the UK-built and managed platform will securely store individuals’ records for seven years, providing a GDPR compliant audit trail in line with industry legislation.

“Savvy marketing teams now demand so much more from their technologies,” elaborates Tom. “But a number of vendors have failed to step up to the challenge. We were becoming increasingly frustrated by the ‘ticket’ support system offered by our last automation supplier, for instance. This approach has become the norm for large SaaS products, but it is far from ideal for an agile business committed to delivering great customer service. Direct contact with Force24’s technical team, or their marketing experts if we’re looking for creative input, was something that really stood out to us when migrating to the new platform.”

The investment in Force24 comes hot on the heels of the launch of WWIIS’s new Travel Mate app for CoverForYou and Cedar Tree customers. Offering a wide range of features including emergency travel information, nearest hospital locations and medical translation tools – as well as standard policy management capabilities – this technology is also designed to enhance the experience provided by the company.


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