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Mistrust peaks through lockdown as attitudes to phone privacy are divided

Certo survey found 59% of people know their partners phone passcode, and 67% of them would snoop through their partners phone if they were suspicious

 Mistrust peaks through lockdown as attitudes to phone privacy are divided

"With more and more personal data being stored on our phones, its now more important than ever to ensure your device is protected and this data is safe from prying eyes."
Russell Kent-Payne

If you suspected something was going on, would you go through your partner’s phone?

A recent survey by Certo Software has revealed some interesting insights into our attitudes to privacy and trust when it comes to our mobile phones, and what we might do when left unattended.

More and more of our social and work lives are moving online, and this has only been accelerated by the lockdown. Everyone seems to be downloading zoom, Houseparty, tiktok, snapchat and a host of other social apps, as well as leaning heavily on texting and facetime to keep in touch with loved ones and friends. 

So how many of us have looked over at our partners as they are absorbed in their phones and wondered what they are doing, and what do you do if your curiosity gets the better of you?

Do you know your partners passcode?

Certo’s survey found that the majority of people (59%) know their partner’s phone passcode, and of those 67% admit that they would snoop through their partner’s phone if they suspected foul play or dishonesty.

Women are also more likely to look through a phone with 67% saying they would do so as opposed to 45% of men. There was also an age disparity with 69% of 25-34 year olds admitting that they would look through their partners phone, whereas only 37% of 65 and over would.

A comparitech survey in 2017 suggested that 34% of UK women surveyed had in fact snooped through their partners internet history or phone. This rise suggests that our trust in each other is waning, with paranoia potentially being stoked by long days and evenings at home together.

What would you do if you suspected spying?

The other side of the coin is what you might do if you suspected that your partner was going through your phone. The survey found that 47% of people would confront their partner if they suspected they were spying or snooping on their phone; 28% would take steps to secure their phone but say nothing, and a quarter of respondents would do nothing at all.

There was quite a marked age contrast here, with just 16% of respondents aged between 25 and 34 saying they would do nothing, and a much higher incidence in over 65s where 39% would do nothing.

Younger couples are likely to rely on their phones and use them more than their older counterparts. For the younger generations mobile devices have become an extension of themselves. This may explain why younger people see snooping as a more serious breach of trust.”

Another explanation is that cheating is much more common in the younger generations. Interestingly the age bracket that would be most confrontational if they discovered they were on the receiving end of spying is also most likely to snoop themselves. 

Russell Kent-Payne Director and Co-Founder from Certo added: “Modern phones have lots of great security features to help protect your personal data. However, these measures are somewhat redundant if users share their passcodes, effectively handing over the keys to their digital lives.”

“With more and more personal data being stored on our phones, it’s now more important than ever to ensure your device is protected and this data is safe from prying eyes.”


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