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Stockport business brings peace of mind to retail sector

Stockport company, Digital ID has seen a strong uplift in orders for temperature screening kiosks due to the rise in COVID-19 cases and local lockdowns being enforced across the nation.

Stockport business brings peace of mind to retail sector

"As a Stockport business, were proud to be providing both UK-based and international plcs with temperature screening kiosks, helping to keep retail units, workplaces and public areas safe."
Jonathan Fell

Jonathan Fell, Executive Chairman of Digital ID talks about their recent uptick in sales: “As we continue to see more restrictions put in place and track and trace seemingly slowing down, more and more companies, in the UK and overseas, are coming to us for temperature screening kiosks. It’s very much expected by the public now and something we can see becoming common place, certainly in retail and public spaces such as hospitals, airports, restaurants and football stadiums alike, for the next year at least.

“The retail sector has been particularly interested in the scanners as a way of monitoring those coming in and out of their stores including staff. Whilst the government is keen for retailers to stay open to keep the economy stable and the job market buoyant, having so many people moving from shop to shop can pose a higher risk for those working in the sector.

With the announcement from Boris Johnson this week stating all retail workers should now use face coverings, it has never been more important to help minimise the risk of people working in shops and the retail sector.

The temperature screening kiosk uses infrared thermal imaging to detect the presence of a high temperature quickly and accurately, whilst its contactless design ensures maximum defence against germs and viruses.

Speaking about the benefits of the scanners, Jonathan added: “At the moment, along with wearing a face covering, it’s one of the best ways to ensure colleagues and customers do not unwittingly introduce germs and viruses to enclosed spaces. Until we have a vaccine, it’s going to be pivotal in supporting the retail industry to stay safe.”

Jonathan added: “Prior to increased lockdown measures we use the temperature scanners across our own offices to help protect our colleagues. We have over 100 colleagues across our offices in Stockport, Stockholm, Hull, Amsterdam and Oxford. The feedback has been that our teams feel safer knowing that people with clear COVID-19 symptoms are not going under the radar and we’re looking out for everybody’s wellbeing.

“As a Stockport business, we’re proud to be providing both UK-based and international plcs with temperature screening kiosks, helping to keep retail units, workplaces and public areas that little bit safer during these times.”

For companies looking to invest in temperature screening kiosks, visit our website at www.digitalid.co.uk or call 0800 988 2095.


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