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Africa expansion beckons for Statiflo

Engineering company spreading its wings into 18 new countries

Africa expansion beckons for Statiflo

",Africa presents a tremendous opportunity for Statiflo as a key growth market"
Paul Buck

Engineering company Statiflo is spreading its wings across Africa with a new partnership that will expand its market presence into 18 more countries.

Statiflo has appointed Spray Nozzle to distribute its products and provide advice and support to customers as it continues to enter new territories.

Spray Nozzle, which is based in Johannesburg, specialises in engineering applications and design assistance for all industrial and agricultural projects.

Founded in 1971, the company is a leading supplier of nozzles, pumps and filters across Africa to industries including water and wastewater treatment, petrochemical, oil and gas.

Its addition to Statiflo’s growing network of business partners means the business now covers a substantial portion of Africa.

Spray Nozzle operates across the continent, including in South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia. Statiflo’s other current African business partner is based in Nigeria.

Statiflo, which has its headquarters in Macclesfield, Cheshire, and branch operations in the US, Germany and Canada, is a world leader in the design and distribution of motionless mixing technology, including static mixers, gas dispersion systems and other process equipment.

The company exports to nearly 100 countries and most of its sales now come from overseas.

In 2020 Statiflo was selected as an Export Champion for the Northern Powerhouse region, and last month it won the export category at Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce’s inaugural Excellence Awards.

Director Paul Buck, pictured, said: “With a population of 1.2bn and huge investment in its infrastructure and key industries, Africa presents a tremendous opportunity for Statiflo as a key growth market.

“Spray Nozzle has been looking to expand its product offering and is the ideal partner for us as we seek to further expand our business into new territories.

“Infrastructure across large parts of Africa is being developed on a large scale, and we want to share our market-leading products to help improve productivity and efficiency while reducing the environmental impact.

“In the medium to long-term, we see lots of projects to improve water and other industrial infrastructure getting the green light.

“Partnering with Spray Nozzle gives us the perfect opportunity to showcase the effectiveness of British engineering and technology in new markets in the post-Brexit world, while also helping companies based in Africa to increase efficiencies and improve cost savings.”



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