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Young Entrepreneur Sets Out To Increase 18-25 Vote With New Website

Young Entrepreneur Sets Out To Increase 18-25 Vote With New Website


17 year old Chester Entrepreneur Rachael Farrington is setting out to encourage more young adults to vote with her latest project Voting Counts.

Voting figures among 18-25 year olds in the United Kingdom are at a shocking level with approximately only 44% turning out at the 2010 election.

Rachael said:

"Lack of engagement leads to lack of representation, and is therefore a personal passion of mine. After doing some research I found that the main reason young adults are not interested in voting is because they either don't feel like their votes count or don't know who to vote for."

She continues:
"As a website designer I came up with the concept of creating a website that would show teenagers the importance of voting. As well as this I thought another key feature of the website should be to inform people, in simple terms, what each of the parties believe in so that disaffected people can decide who they should vote for, even if they have no political knowledge. Of course I have aimed for the website to not contain any bias." 
Rachael has also received support from several politicians including Lib Dem peer Lord Storey who said:

"I support the 'Voting Counts' initiative in spreading greater understanding of how the UK is governed and, more importantly, how younger citizens may actively participate in our democratic systems. We need more sites like ‘Voting Counts’ in order to ensure as many young people as possible register to vote, engage and act."
Rachael concludes:

"The website is up and running but is still in it's early stages. I have already discussed my project with my local council, who have been very supportive and agreed to help me organise interviews with the three major party representatives in Cheshire council in order to create more content for the website."

Rachael has also arranged to give a presentation at her local Sixth Form later this year about the importance of voting and will be handing out flyers in local cities in the months coming up to the general election.

For more information on Voting Counts you can visit their website www.votingcounts.org.uk/



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