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Co-ignition set to save businesses millions on recruitment

Co-ignition set to save businesses millions on recruitment


Launching this week, Warrington based Co-ignition http://www.co-ignition.com is a radical new global talent platform that is set to revolutionise the recruitment sector, making hiring easier, cheaper and faster. 

Two years in development, Co-ignition is the only accredited, secure, cloud-based global talent search and placement platform in the world and will finally eradicate the major issues affecting recruitment worldwide – high costs, poor candidates and slow processes.  

Co-ignition.com features permanent, contract and temporary roles in all sectors, in any country and soon, in any language with every aspect of the recruitment process securely managed online, from posting vacancies and submitting candidates to scheduling interviews and submitting feedback. The efficiency of the system is such that Co-ignition estimates that it will reduce hiring time by at least two thirds, drastically increase the transparency and quality of recruiters and will help businesses worldwide shave millions of pounds off their recruitment costs.

Co-ignition Founder and CEO Chris Hitchens is a former military pilot and owner of Platform People, a multi-million pound business delivering consultancy and specialised recruitment in the wealth management sector. Chris says: “Recruiting the right people can be frustrating, expensive and slow and as a result the industry has acquired a pretty poor reputation. Co-ignition was developed to tackle these issues head on, giving control back to employers – control of the costs, the quality of candidates and the recruiters they want to work with.
“Nationally it takes between 12 and 17 weeks to fill a job vacancy; on average it takes between 11 and 26 days to hire through Co-ignition. That’s a huge amount of time, money and resources saved. Just as estate agents had to up their game with the advent of sites like Rightmove, so the technology that powers Co-ignition will revolutionise the recruitment industry, putting the entire process securely online, spotlighting the best recruiters and making hiring much more simple.
“A poor hire can cost a business anything up to six times the value of that salary but good recruiters investigate clients’ requirements thoroughly and identify quality candidates so that the employer isn’t doing the CV sifting for them or settling for a poor candidate.  These recruiters deliver value as well as results, something that   
Co-ignition recognises and rewards. The result is a much easier, much cheaper and much faster way for employers and good recruitment agencies and independent recruiters to work together.”

Featuring a rated community of recruiters, all of which are verified on registration against a robust number of criteria, the Co-ignition platform allows employers to post vacancies, set the fee they want to pay, specify a number of recruiters that will be able to work on the vacancy and the number of CVs that each recruiter can submit, enforcing quality into the process.  The employer then selects the recruiters who respond, based on cost and quality, who go on to submit the specified number of CVs through the Co-ignition platform. All interviews, job offers and package negotiations are conducted online and the fee is only payable when the role is filled, with a 90-day refund or replacement policy*

The Co-ignition platform is free to post vacancies and use up until the point of hire. The technology also allows full tracking and reporting throughout the process that allows employers to measure the reduction in real recruitment costs and recruiters to measure their performance against that of their competitors.
How Co-ignition benefits employers:Reduces costs: specify how much you want to pay recruiters who will bid to offer the best price; no job board fees; you only pay the fee that you dictate.Finds better candidates: access an ever increasing talent pool; only choose the highest rated recruiters to work with; the recruiter does the sifting and you dictate how many CVs you want to see; two way feedback after every hireTime efficiency: no cold calls from recruiters; build relationships with good recruiters as they prove their merit; reducing the length of the recruitment cycle adds value to the business quicker; real time reporting via the Co-ignition dashboardHow Co-igniton benefits recruiters: Business growth: access to instant sales pipeline with opportunities from SMEs to PLCs; access global or new sector opportunities; free in-depth market intelligence and reporting that shows you how your business is performing against competitorsRatings reward: highly rated recruiters will be more visible; allows smaller agencies to compete on merit with larger ones; feedback after every opportunityTime and money saving: replaces valuable time invested in business development; no potentially wasted marketing spend; allows you to invest more time in candidates rather than searching for vacancies; one simple online process that requires no trainingCo-ignition is free to use and was created to take the risk out of the hiring process by making it more efficient, simpler and more cost effective for employers and recruiters. For more information enquiries@co-ignition.com, 0845 094 2065 @coignition

* All candidates enter a standard 3 month probation period within which if they don’t work out a rebate can be initiated or a free replacement obtained from within the platform. The refund declines the longer the person is in role.

 For more information please contact Emma Beck at Lollipop PR on 07932 763 015  emma@lollipop-pr.com
 Notes to Editors:Co-ignition has offices in Warrington, London and Melbourne Australia and currently employs ten staff.Co-ignition Founder & CEO recruitment and platform technology expert Chris Hitchens has built and delivered highly transactional global £100M+ technology platforms and has created and managed a niche financial services recruitment company. Co-ignition Chief Operating Officer Warren Lunt is a strategy and technology expert who is highly experienced in working with high growth businesses, usually with an overall responsibility for operations and the strategic plan.Non-Executive Director David Roberts has worked with various high growth companies and has a strategic marketing background.



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