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Web company urges businesses to 'Go International' with new campaign

A West Midlands-based company is supporting the regions export activity by building bespoke web platforms for businesses to grow their international sales.

Web company urges businesses to 'Go International' with new campaign

"Adapting a website for a more global audience involves making sure web platforms, workflows and web architecture accommodate multiple cultural conventions and tap into relevant buyer behaviours."
Shaun Carvill

Bridgnorth-based Clickingmad has seen a significant rise over the last 12 months in the number of its projects which have involved building and translating websites for international markets. 

It is also just one of a few web design agencies in the country to be working alongside the Department for International Trade (DIT) to help businesses grow their export potential and has now launched its own #GoInternational campaign to provide further support to companies. 

Managing director Shaun Carvill puts demand for such web services down to several factors. 

He said: “With the UK’s impending exit from Europe, many businesses are looking to gain a foothold into new markets beyond the EU. They are looking for a global presence and with this comes a demand for their websites to be translated into languages which address their newly identified target audiences. 

“Increasing internet availability around the globe is also having an impact because it means that new markets are constantly being created. 

“And, it’s those businesses which have already adapted their web assets that are seeing success because they are ready to trade much more quickly and effectively.” 

The Clickingmad team draws on the expertise of professional translators but according to Shaun, it’s not just about the language. 

“Adapting a website for a more global audience involves making sure web platforms, workflows and web architecture accommodate multiple cultural conventions and tap into relevant buyer behaviours,” he said. 

“Design trends are also very different around the world and this must be taken into account when targeting new markets.” 

Clickingmad, which is celebrating its 20th year in business, has recently completed internationally focussed projects for Wrexham-based Tension Control Bolts, Ignition Components in Walsall and a website in German and hosted in Germany for Wednesbury-based manufacturer Floorstak. 

Arnie Glausiusz from Tension Control Bolts said the newly translated website had helped to boost the company’s export sales substantially. 

He said: “Being able to communicate with our customers in their language has played a really big part in securing new international business 

“But it’s not just about fulfilling a sales order. The website is a vital tool which enables us to reach out and establish new relationships with customers and strengthen those we already have with existing customers. 

“I would certainly advise other businesses to invest in having their website translated into other languages. The coronavirus pandemic has had unprecedented effects on society and the UK economy. In these challenging and uncertain times investment in an international website is essential to broaden global reach.” 

Recent research demonstrates the importance of country specific websites with 65% of consumers preferring product information in their own language. * 

Studies have also shown that up to 40% of consumers won’t purchase products listed in a different language* and this is particularly important when it comes to complex, technical product data. 

Shaun added: “It’s assumed that more and more UK businesses will be looking to sell products and services into a range of countries from 2021 onwards once the UK leaves the EU and opportunities for trade across the rest of the world open up. 

For more information on the services offered by Clickingmad and its #GoInternational campaign visit https://news.clickingmad.com/2020/09/24/go-international/ or email info@clickingmad.com. More information about Tension Control Bolts can be found here https://www.clickingmad.com/case-studies/tension-control-bolts

 ** https://alexika.com/blog/2020/08/17/why-translation-matters-40-will-not-buy-in-other-languages 


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