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Tamlite invests over £250,000 in new lighting showrooms

Tamlite invests over £250,000 in new lighting showrooms


Midlands-based Tamlite Lighting, amongst the largest privately-owned lighting companies in the UK, has invested over £250,000 in four new lighting showrooms in Redditch.

Each aligned to a specific end user, the showrooms will prove how cutting-edge LED lighting applications should be matched with unique business need.

A significant contributor to the Midlands economy, Tamlite Lighting is widely regarded as one of the most innovative and forward-thinking businesses in the lighting industry. To maintain this position, the firm is targeting its UK-based R&D and manufacturing activities on sector-specific solutions.

“The lighting industry is very fast moving; Tamlite wants to be a leader in not only homegrown product development, but also in customer experience,” says Simon Rogers, Marketing Manager at Tamlite.

“Too many lighting companies just shout about their products without thinking about ‘application’. First, our unique R&D delivers application-specific solutions. Then, Tamlite's unique showrooms illustrate how the products should be used in the bespoke applications and scenarios.”

Continued investment

Over the last three years, the company has spent over £4 million on product research and development. The new showrooms recognise the company’s commitment to improving the customer journey in tandem with product advancements.

“We spent £250,000 on four new showrooms in 2015, and client feedback was fantastic. That’s why in 2016 we exceeded that with more than £250,000 investment on a further four showrooms, which will really help us improve customer experience.” says Simon Rogers.

Tamlite's four new showrooms cover Amenity, Emergency & Fire, Industrial, and Xtreme.

Understanding customer needs

“The goal for Tamlite is to help specific buyers specify the lighting they need,” says Simon Rogers. “That’s why our new showrooms are split into sectors instead of products.

“By doing this, we enable our customers and buyers to recognise lighting through what they do, not struggle through an endless product catalogue that doesn't really meet their needs, or understand their work.

“In our new showrooms, customers can define their requirements simply, by recognising their sector, and then they can rapidly seek out the bespoke lighting solution that's right for them.

Best of British

Every showroom is tailored towards the end user to educate, inform and advise. “Tamlite thinks ‘Customer’, says Simon Rogers.

“Tamlite realises that continued investment is crucial to keep up with market trends; we are ahead of the curve in providing cutting edge solutions for our customers.

“These showrooms represent a unique new way to get the right lighting into the bespoke areas our R&D teams have been targeting. We look forward to welcoming clients and discussing their lighting needs.”