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Ultima's IA-Connect enhanced for Microsoft's Power Automate

Cloud specialist and automation provider, Ultima, has today announced it has extended the capabilities of its IA-Connect tool to help businesses use legacy apps with Microsoft's Power Automate helping open automation to everyone.

Ultima's IA-Connect enhanced for Microsoft's Power Automate

"Within the space of just a few months, the team at Ultima Labs has built one of the first intelligent automation products in the Microsoft space. "
Ana Demeny, Partner Technical Architect, Microsoft

Cloud specialist and automation provider, Ultima, has today announced it has extended the capabilities of its IA-Connect tool to help businesses use legacy apps with Microsoft's Power Automate helping open automation to everyone. 


With more remote working, streamlined workforces and increasing customer expectations, companies need automation to help their employees deliver faster and better. Microsoft's Power Automate does this by automating everyday workflows to help manage daily business processes, which are manual, repetitive and time-consuming. However, until now, it has been hard to link Power Automate with legacy and bespoke apps, particularly those that are hosted through Citrix or remote desktop infrastructure.


IA-Connect removes the difficulties of connecting legacy apps to Power Automate as it uses robotic process automation (RPA) as an enabler. Ultima Labs developed IA-Connect in 2019 to enable fast, secure automation of business processes over Microsoft RDS and Citrix virtual apps and desktops sessions and is used by Blue Prism in its global solutions.  


Amyn Jaffer, Head of Ultima Labs, says, "Power Automate is an excellent tool which democratises automation across organisations by providing hundreds of connectors into business systems and blending this with Azure Cognitive Services and AI – this is what’s called a Digital Process Automation (DPA) platform.  What DPA isn’t so good at is connecting with core legacy and bespoke applications. So, we’ve adapted our IA-Connect product to solve this problem. We can now use Power Automate to automate legacy and bespoke applications, broadening the possibilities for automating business processes, for example, the ability for healthcare companies to automate their EPIC and Cerner systems which will create substantial productivity savings. 


"IA-Connect is the only RPA enabler for Power Automate that directly integrates with Power Automate cloud flows. This means that you can seamlessly automate your bespoke / legacy system from your cloud-based workflow without handing it off to another system. It can automate your on-premises SAP apps seamlessly within your Power Automate cloud flow solution. With IA-Connect, your workflows are all designed, managed and run in the cloud for your on-premise systems, thereby reducing your management overhead and centralising your workflow insights," says Jaffer.


Ana Demeny, Partner Technical Architect (Power Platform Integration & RPA), Microsoft "Within the space of just a few months, the team at Ultima Labs has built one of the first intelligent automation products in the Microsoft space. Their talent, hard work and flexibility is a recipe for success, making them one of the lead partners for automation and RPA in Microsoft Technologies. 


"I'm excited to continue working with them not only to enhance their IA-Connect product but also to enable other organisations to achieve more with Microsoft Power Automate," says Demeny.


IA Connect is the only RPA enabler that integrates directly with your Power Automate cloud flows, adding remote session support and the ability to automate on-premise SAP, Java and mainframe systems easily. It also provides seamless automation of your Citrix / RDS hosted applications. It has mouse-driven automation that is quick and easy to use and has a centralised management platform to allow you to manage your Power Automate processes centrally, which is currently a challenge for businesses. To find out more about IA-Connect for Power Automate, visit: https://www.ultima.com/IA-Connect/Power-Automate




About Ultima

Ultima is a cloud specialist and automation service provider and has a turnover of £123m. Ultima’s aim is to become a long-term, trusted, intelligent transformation partner to its clients by delivering high value business outcomes through technical innovation and service excellence for every client.

People are Ultima’s most important asset, and it has a policy of reinvesting profits in its people and infrastructure to ensure it delivers the best services to clients. Ultima recruits and retains the best talent in the industry and has unrivalled depth and breadth of knowledge and experience, including over 200 technical staff, and 75 senior consultants with over 25 years of implementation experience. This knowledge base is spread across end user computing, automation, mobility, cloud, datacentre, networking & security, and messaging & collaboration. www.ultima.com Twitter: @UltimaBusiness


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