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Turing Trust charity boosts its email security with free use of OnDMARC

Using OnDMARC's free for charities initiative, the Turing Trust has reduced spam by more than 85% and blocked use of its domain for email phishing exploits

Turing Trust charity boosts its email security with free use of OnDMARC

"Using OnDMARC from Red Sift, we have been able to quickly address email problems, blocking unauthorised emails and improving delivery rates of our email newsletters. "
Lady Nicola Turing, The Turing Trust

The Turing Trust, a UK charity that provides computers and IT training to schools in Africa, has significantly enhanced its IT security following the deployment of Red Sift’s OnDMARC email authentication and security solution to protect its email domain.


The Trust deployed OnDMARC in April as part of Red Sift’s initiative to provide the solution free of charge to registered UK charities.  In just two weeks following the deployment, the Trust blocked over 50 external phishing sources that were impersonating the Turing Trust’s email domain to send unauthorized spam and phishing emails.  The use of OnDMARC has also helped to improve the deliverability of its authorised outbound email campaigns.


Lady Nicola Turing of The Turing Trust, commented:  “As a relatively small charity we have limited resources available to deal with any disruption to our operations.  The volume of spam email we were receiving was having a negative impact on the team and creating a security risk to the organisation.  Furthermore, the email validation issues we were encountering with our newsletters were also impacting on our communications with stakeholders and potential donors.  


“Using OnDMARC, we have been able to quickly address these problems, blocking unauthorised emails and improving delivery rates of our email newsletters.  As well as providing the solution, Red Sift supported us in setting it up on our email domain and showing us how to use the reporting and management features to quickly improve our security.” 


Red Sift’s OnDMARC solution enables users to quickly and easily deploy DMARC, a robust, industry-endorsed security protocol for protecting email, blocking phishing attacks, increasing deliverability of authorised emails and protecting their brand.  DMARC protection ensures that only trustworthy sources can send email on behalf of your business; it also discourages cyber criminals from targeting a business that has DMARC protection.  


The OnDMARC solution requires no cybersecurity expertise from users, and makes the setup and maintenance of a DMARC policy quick and simple.  It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to classify reports that are sent to the email domain owner, identifying unauthorised email traffic and actively blocking phishing attempts, while increasing the deliverability of authorised emails. 


Red Sift CEO Rahul Powar commented:  “We recently analysed more than 78,000 email domains of UK charities, finding that under 1% of them have implemented email authentication with DMARC.  With fraudulent email and phishing attacks posing such a huge risk it is very concerning that UK charities, which make huge social and economic contributions despite working with limited resources, are so exposed to these potentially hugely damaging attacks.  We’re delighted that the Turing Trust has seen such benefits from their deployment of OnDMARC, and we hope this encourages more UK charities to use DMARC to improve their security postures.”


Any charity wanting to register for the free service should visit the OnDMARC solution website (https://ondmarc.com) where they will be upgraded to the charities program.





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