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Secure Controls Framework added to SureCloud's Compliance Solution

Secure Controls Framework added to SureCloud's Compliance Solution

"Were delighted with this new partnership and looking forward to getting more and more organisations on board with the SCF controls in the months ahead."
Matthew Davies, SureCloud

Enabling users

SureCloud, the provider of Gartner recognised Integrated Risk Management solutions and cybersecurity services, has partnered with Secure Controls Framework (SCF), granting all its customers access to SCF’s control set through its cloud-based Compliance solution.


Best practice for all businesses

SCF aims to provide cybersecurity and privacy control guidelines to organisations of any size and across any sector, helping them to implement best-practice controls to protect their data and processes, and respond to evolving threats. The framework currently incorporates over 850 controls, baselined across more than 150 regulations and standards, and is updated every few months.


Logical and efficient

Through the partnership, SureCloud’s Compliance solution now comes with the ability to load any of SCF’s content directly into the customer’s control library, along with all of the regulatory mappings and associated data.

This means that the organisations can review and implement the SCF’s controls in the most logical and efficient way for its operations. All controls are mapped against statutory and regulatory frameworks, enabling the organisation to quickly ascertain which controls it needs to comply with according to its sector and regulatory divers. The SCF data comes with maturity level implementation guidelines that can be leveraged in the SureCloud compliance application to define what level of maturity each control is.


Accurate real-time status

If the controls are updated from one version of the framework to the next then SureCloud can automate and track the updates throughout their lifecycle, giving each organisation a real-time view of compliance at any time.


Match the evolving threat-landscape

SCF itself is a volunteer-led organisation, comprising experts from across the cybersecurity industry, so its controls are developed in line with the evolving threat landscape and the very latest expertise from the sector.

Matthew Davies, Product Marketing Director at SureCloud, said: “SureCloud is dedicated to making risk management, cybersecurity and regulatory compliance as streamlined and straightforward as possible. SureCloud’s products are cloud-based solutions, can be deployed rapidly and flexibly, and offer intuitive reporting and dashboard capability.

“SCF fits in perfectly with this ethos; it’s all about giving organisations access to the most up-to-date cybersecurity and data privacy control framework, and the practical steps they need to take in order to ensure compliance, in one place. It makes perfect sense, therefore, for us to make the SCF control sets available through our Compliance solution. We’re delighted with this new partnership and looking forward to getting more and more organisations on board with the SCF controls in the months ahead.”

This follows the news that SureCloud adds the NIST Privacy Framework standards to its Compliance Management Programme. https://www.surecloud.com/products/news/surecloud-adds-nist-privacy-framework-standards-compliance-management

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