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Help for companies during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis

Staffbase develops an app for crisis communication with employees

Help for companies during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis

"The number of news items being shared by our customers has increased by 165 during the past few weeks."
Martin Bhringer

●      Staffbase is a global market leader for mobile-first employee communication

●      New solution Staffbase NOW developed especially for crisis communication

●      Modular system enables introduction within 3 days


Staffbase — the market leader for employee apps, with 350+ customers worldwide — has just released Staffbase NOW, a communications solution that will immediately help companies reach their entire workforce quickly and reliably during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.


Staffbase NOW was developed specifically for crisis communication. The branded company app was designed to distribute important news and company information, ready for use in just 3 days. Messages can be distributed to all of a company’s employees or specifically to those in certain roles or locations. Automatic translation allows important content to be understood globally. The app also enables companies to gather FAQs and share them in one easy-to-find location. The result is a single, trusted source of critical news and information that ensures that no employees are left in the dark during times of crisis.


Staffbase CEO and founder Martin Böhringer reports that since the outbreak of COVID-19, companies worldwide are using their employee apps more than ever:


“The number of news items being shared by our customers has increased by 165% during the past few weeks. Today, none of their employees want to think about going without having company news delivered in real time directly to their smartphones. This was the motivation to support companies during this crisis by offering a special version of our Staffbase software. But even once this crisis is over, communication via an employee app will still be the glue that holds companies together.”


An important advantage of the Staffbase NOW solution is its ability to send push notifications, as 75% of messages sent via push are opened within one hour. Such immediacy is crucially important in an emergency situation. Kai Pagels, Product Owner in the Online Media Service Team at DB Systel GmbH, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn, agrees. “In crisis situations, employee apps are ideal for ensuring that everyone in charge has the same level of information and knowledge, because messages can be quickly sent directly to the mobile phones that people carry everywhere,” Pagels says.


A task force of experienced developers worked quickly to prepare Staffbase NOW for immediate availability during the current crisis. The lightweight app is based on the full version of the Staffbase People-First Employee App, and it offers companies a rapid entry into the world of mobile employee communications. Staffbase NOW can be set up and activated for employees within three days, with content modules ready for same-day input of news and information, and employees can download the app directly to their personal smartphones via all public app stores, ensuring easy onboarding. There is no setup fee if purchased before June 30, 2020. And, as with every Staffbase product, Staffbase NOW is guaranteed to be secure and compliant with ISO 27001 and SSAE-16 standards, ensuring full data security.


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