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Announcing the launch of revolutionary crowdgifting app WhatWeWant

New mobile app, WhatWeWant has launched this week and is available to download from app stores

Announcing the launch of revolutionary crowdgifting app WhatWeWant

"WhatWeWant offers an accessible platform for recipients to clearly communicate to prospective gift-givers what they want as a present."
Dimitris Faf

New crowdgifting app, WhatWeWant, has launched this week, offering a solution to the problem of unwanted gifts.  

The term crowdgifting, coined by the creators of WhatWeWant, refers to groups of family and friends collaborating to purchase a larger, meaningful gift for someone close to them. 

The family-owned app allows users to create a profile for a gift for themselves or for someone else and invite friends and family to make a monetary contribution. The app then notifies friends and family of their invitation and enables them to make a secure payment towards the gift. 

Unwanted presents are becoming an increasing issue for UK consumers. In a nationally representative survey of over 2,000 UK consumers commissioned by WhatWeWant, it was revealed that over half (53%) of consumers have received an unwanted gift within the past 12 months. Consequently, one fifth (20%) admit to throwing their presents away without using them.  

This revelation comes despite 50% of people dropping hints about their ideal gift to friends and family. WhatWeWant provides a platform for people to clearly vocalise what they want as a present and ensure that their dream gift is not lost in translation, bridging the communication gap between recipients and gift-givers.  

Yiannis Faf, co-founder of WhatWeWant said “It’s great that consumers are so generous with their spending – especially around Christmas time – but there seems to be a lack of communication between the recipient and the gift giver. Consequently, the perfect present gets lost in translation.

Co-founder Dimitris Faf followed added “WhatWeWant offers an accessible platform for recipients to clearly communicate to prospective gift-givers what they want as a present. This enables gift-givers to securely contribute towards a larger, more meaningful gift, which they know the recipient will love. This will inevitably make the gift giving process more enjoyable for all parties involved.”

WhatWeWant is available to download here


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