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Sticky teams up with charity to make giving simple

Unique donation system works with just one tap of a smartphone

Sticky teams up with charity to make giving simple

"Our new donation stickies are real game-changers. They make giving quick and easy for the public and have all the simplicity of contactless payments without the high cost of hardware for the charity"
Priscilla Israel


A ground-breaking fintech firm has developed pioneering new technology to help charities continue to raise vital funds despite the pandemic.


UK-based Sticky has developed a unique donation sticky, which makes it simple for people to donate with just one tap of their mobile device.


The system is already being used by the Children’s Fund for Cancer in Northern Ireland to help it continue to raise funds even though people are carrying less money on them.


Sticky has been introduced in a range of stores across the province and has already proved a big hit.


Alex Murdock, corporate fundraiser at the charity, said: “The response I have had from my partners about these new donation stickers being introduced as an innovative new way to fundraise has been wonderful.


“With the public carrying less cash, these new stickers will give my partners’ customers a new way to engage with our charity to support local young people and their families as they are coming to terms with a cancer diagnosis and ensure they don’t have to face it alone.


“I can’t wait to have them in every EUROSPAR and ViVOXTRA across Northern Ireland before the end of July so we can raise more vital funds and continue our work, throughout the pandemic and beyond.”



Priscilla Israel, COO and founding partner of Sticky.to, said it was the first time the technology had been used in the charity sector.


“Our new donation stickies are real game-changers. They make giving quick and easy for the public and have all the simplicity of contactless payments without the high cost of hardware for the charity.


“They can be used anywhere, you can see if someone has made multiple donations and they bring the donation experience firmly into the modern world.


“For the public, there’s no app to download, no need to input any details or scan extra codes, and no notifications to clog up your device. It’s quick, simple and something that every charity would benefit from as we move to a contactless, cashless society.


“We’re delighted to have developed the new donation platform for the Children’s Fund for Cancer and are thrilled to see they are proving so successful. All people who wish to donate need to do is unlock their phone, tap it against our sticky, and then choose to donate £2, £5, £10 or £20 on the page that automatically opens.


“The great thing is that this technology works with all smartphones, is inexpensive and we can tailor it to any charity. This is the future of charity fundraising for years to come.”


Sticky is at the forefront of developing a range of stickers that could transform the shopping, retail and leisure experiences offered by thousands of businesses.


A sticky is a branded sticker that can be stuck to shop windows, pub tables, information points and check-in desks and can take a customer’s details, allow them to place an order or offer useful information with just a single tap of a smartphone.


James Garner, Sticky chief executive, added: “The list of uses you can put stickies to is almost endless and they are already starting to create huge opportunities in the retail and hospitality sectors, particularly in the wake of the pandemic as businesses still face a range of restrictions.”


To see how Sticky works visit https://sticky.to/




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