Entirely Arts https://entirely.media/arts/business-news/ Arts Business News Living in A Void. How the Coronavirus Pandemic affected our Lives https://entirely.media/arts/business-news/uk/east-england/leeds/living-in-a-void-how-the-coronavirus-pandemic-affected-our-lives5972 Here, Anna Toms reviews some of the best parts for insight readers, particularly focusing on the economy business insights and advice. Following the most succinct round up of the pandemic I have read to date, Living In A Void focuses on the challenges as humans we have faced that have left a huge void, including personal, family, economy and business and the aftermath. Andrea Clifford Future stars to pitch to top executives at first Birmingham Film Market https://entirely.media/arts/business-news/uk/midlands/birmingham/future-stars-to-pitch-to-top-executives-at-first-birmingham-film-market8467 Aspiring filmmakers and TV series creators from across the West Midlands will have the chance to pitch story ideas to executives from leading international production companies at the inaugural Birmingham Film Market next week. Chris Leggett