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Delivery tips for eCommerce sellers

Save money on your deliveries - our top tips for eCommerce sellers

Delivery tips for eCommerce sellers

"Its imperative for any eCommerce business to research competitors, couriers and regulations periodically"

One of the first thing to check when your starting out in the eCommerce business is your postal costs. Its always better to start with the basics and get it right! 
What type of packaging do I require, what does it need to be made of, what will be placed inside the packaging, how much will it cost to send and does it need additional packing materials.

**Measure your product**
It’s helpful to measure and weigh the size of your product, getting this correct will ensure that you pay the correct postage and get the right packaging that will keep your product safe when shipping. 

**Decide on your packaging**
There is a lot of concern regarding the environment and packaging products, especially when dealing with eco-friendly customers. Cardboard packaging is something to really consider as it is easy to recycle and is strong and durable. Ask for some samples to try your product in before you purchase. The majority of manufacturers will send you out a couple of samples to test.   

**Fill the void**
If you have a fragile product, it may be worth looking into filling the void inside your packaging with some bubble wrap, air cushions, newspaper or even thick paper. If your product is made from glass or anything breakable, its always worth using cardboard packaging and adding extra cushioning. 

**You got mail!**
The next thing to do, is to decide on what delivery service you will offer. Will it be a premium service like next day delivery or will it be an economy delivery service? Will you offer free postage and packaging or will you charge the customer. 
Courier prices can start from £2.30 per box and with the added benefit of being trackable and fully insured, its worth spending some time searching for a good courier. 

**It’s a Challenge!**
Shipping your products is one of the most challenging aspects of business. Get it wrong and it can be extremely costly. The best advice is to research shipping cost and packaging cost as much as possible before signing up with any couriers or buying any packaging products. 

It’s imperative for any eCommerce business to research competitors, couriers and regulations periodically: check what shipping is being offered, what the cost of the product is and what packaging is being used. This will help you stay ahead of the competition, ensure that you are delivering the best service to customers and staying within your profit margins. 

Contact the boxed-up packaging team for assistance with your cardboard packaging requirements.