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The UKs top cities and parking

Plenty of businesses around the UK benefit from an influx of shoppers who visit different cities for a days retails therapy.

The UKs top cities and parking

"In some places, a parking space will be found fairly easily, in others its impossible. "

Plenty of businesses around the UK benefit from an influx of shoppers who visit different cities for a day’s retails therapy.  But, for those travelling by car, parking can be a problem.  In some places, a parking space will be found fairly easily, in others it’s impossible.  Here, Vindis – Audi servicing experts – offer an overview:

Average time spent searching

Using data gathered from a study carried out by end-to-end parking solution specialists INRIX and reported on by The Sun, the following table reveals how long people spend on average each year searching for a parking space in some of the UK’s largest cities. It also details the cost that this search has on each driver when factoring in time, fuel and emissions, as well as the overall cost if the entire city’s population could drive.

City London Population 7,074,265 Search time per year 67 Cost per driver £1,104 Cost if entire population could drive £7,809,988,560

City Birmingham Population  1,020,589 Search time per year 46 Cost per driver £757 Cost if entire population could drive £772,585,873

City Leeds Population 726,939 Search time per year 47 Cost per driver £772 Cost if entire population could drive £561,196,908

City Glasgow Population 616,430 Search time per year 40 Cost per driver £660 Cost if entire population could drive £660 £406,843,800

City Bristol Population 399,633 Search time per year 46 Cost per driver £768 Cost if entire population could drive £306,918,144

City Manchester Population 430,818 Search time per year 41 Cost per driver £688 Cost if entire population could drive £296,402,784

City Edinburgh Population 448,850  Search time per year 38 Cost per driver £625  Cost if entire population could drive £280,531,250

City Belfast  Population 297,300 Search time per year 56  Cost per driver £928  Cost if entire population could drive £275,894,400

City Cardiff  Population 315,040 Search time per year 44  Cost per driver £737  Cost if entire population could drive £232,184,480

City Southampton Population 214,859 Search time per year 35 Cost per driver £588 Cost if entire population could drive £126,337,092


Cost of parking

In the next table, we have taken a look at how much it costs to park in various cities throughout the UK, based on information collated by vehicle history check service HPI Check. The organisation based its findings on the cost of parking in a city centre for an hour on a typical working day, between 9am and 5pm, and is an average price of parking from all car parks found in each city. From these statistics, we have calculated how much could be made from parking per hour if the entire city’s population was able to drive.

City London Population 7,074,265 Hourly cost of parking £9.10 Cost if entire population could drive £64,375,811.50

City Leeds Population 726,939 Hourly cost of parking £3.06 Cost if entire population could drive £2,224,433.34

City Glasgow Population 616,430 Hourly cost of parking £2.65 Cost if entire population could drive £1,633,539.50

City Manchester Population 430,818 Hourly cost of parking £3.18 Cost if entire population could drive £1,370,001.24

City Liverpool Population 467,995 Hourly cost of parking £2.59 Cost if entire population could drive £1,212,107.05

City Sheffield Population 530,375 Hourly cost of parking £2.14 Cost if entire population could drive £1,135,002.50

City Cardiff Population 315,040 Hourly cost of parking £3.14 Cost if entire population could drive £989,225.60

City Newcastle-upon-Tyne Population 282,338 Hourly cost of parking £1.72 Cost if entire population could drive £485.621.36

City Sunderland Population 294,261 Hourly cost of parking £0.79 Cost if entire population could drive £232,466.19


Number of NCP car parking spaces

For the following table, we have analysed how many car parks there are from the National Car Parks (NCP) in each of the ten most populated cities across the UK, as ranked by City Mayors Statistics. We have also recorded the number of standard spaces and disabled spaces that there are across each of the city’s NCP car parks, before working out the space to person ratio (all numbers rounded down) if the entire city’s population could drive.

City London Population 7,074,265 Number of NCP car parks 30 Standard spaces 6,631 Number of people to space ratio 1,066 Disabled spaces 53 Number of people to disabled space ratio 133,476


City Birmingham Population 1,020,589 Number of NCP car parks Standard spaces 4,253 Number of people to space ratio 239 Disabled spaces 62 Number of people to disabled space ratio 16,461


City Leeds Population 726,939 Number of NCP car parks Standard spaces 1,468 Number of people to space ratio 495 Disabled spaces 60 Number of people to disabled space ratio 12,115


City Glasgow Population 616,430 Number of NCP car parks Standard spaces 2,207 Number of people to space ratio 279 Disabled spaces 17 Number of people to disabled space ratio 36,260


City Sheffield Population 530,375 Number of NCP car parks Standard spaces 3,056 Number of people to space ratio 173 Disabled spaces 47 Number of people to disabled space ratio 11,284


City Bradford Population 483,422 Number of NCP car parks Standard spaces 958 Number of people to space ratio 504 Disabled spaces 34 Number of people to disabled space ratio 14,218


City Liverpool Population 467,995 Number of NCP car parks Standard spaces 1,615 Number of people to space ratio 289 Disabled spaces Number of people to disabled space ratio 51,999


City Edinburgh Population 448,850 Number of NCP car parks Standard spaces 1,847 Number of people to space ratio 243 Disabled spaces 20 Number of people to disabled space ratio 22,442


City Manchester Population 430,818 Number of NCP car parks 32 Standard spaces 11,893 Number of people to space ratio 36 Disabled spaces 366 Number of people to disabled space ratio 1,177


City Bristol Population 399,633 Number of NCP car parks Standard spaces 2,081 Number of people to space ratio 192 Disabled spaces 15 Number of people to disabled space ratio 26,642