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Logistics packaging Cost effective, green alternatives

Retail and e-commerce platforms have faced many challenges through the shift in shopping habits.

Logistics packaging Cost effective, green alternatives

"Retail and e-commerce platforms have faced many challenges through the shift in shopping habits. "

Retail and e-commerce platforms have faced many challenges through the shift in shopping habits. The awareness of environmental impacts has increased, with people paying more attention to sustainable processes rather than just the end product. The global rise in eco-knowledge has changed the focus for businesses into incorporating more cost-effective, green alternatives. According to a study involving 28 countries, conducted by the National Retail Federation, more than half of consumers (57%) say they are willing to change their purchasing behaviour “to help reduce negative environmental impact.”


The attention of consumers is now deeper into the supply chain than just the product, with research going into the packaging, delivery systems, and operational processes before a purchase is made. 75% of Millennials are willing to pay more for an environmentally sustainable product, as the consciousness of future investments is more than just the outcome. The overall perception of a company’s sustainable effectiveness is becoming just as important.


Loadhog’s returnable packaging provides sustainable solutions to operation processes through enhancing logistics and material handling. Its expert design and packaging team is constantly pushing towards innovative ideas that bring businesses automation compatibility, lightweight ergonomic containers, and space saving efficiencies throughout. All examples of what consumers are starting to look for when they are purchasing a product or service.

So, which product(s) of the Loadhog range would suit your business?

Retail and e-commerce industries across the globe have certain requirements they want to gain from transit packaging, and this mainly comes down to saving money, time, and improving efficiency.

The high-end fashion retailer, Harvey Nichols, wanted to reduce operational spend by removing double handling and reducing consumable costs. The Loadhog Pally and Lid System, enabled them to wheel stock straight onto shop floor from transit, removing the need for double handling, while allowing for quicker stock processing – overall, resulting in a 90% reduction in operational spending.

Loadhog’s Attached Lid Containers are popular with retailers around the world. With now three distinguished ranges, Helios, Apollo & Artemis, it can offer you cost-effective solutions for a variety of distributions. The popular pet retailer, Pets at Home, invested in Loadhog’s Helios 64 ALC, which has resulted in improved manual handling, professional presentation in store, and a 35 minute saving of labour time per delivery per store due to quick shelf replenishment.


Click and Collect services and home delivery within retail and grocery are becoming increasingly popular, however these services increase the amount of packaging in the world having an impact on the environment. Agilenville is a last mile, eco-responsible delivery service which transports groceries to customers in local areas. Since they have started to use our ALCs (Helios) and Dollys, they have experienced a 75% reduced breakage rate in their operational cost, which has created significant cost and environmental benefits for their business.


Retail and e-commerce companies are having to adapt their ways of working and delivering services to meet the new digital needs of consumers. The sector has seen a global rise in online activity and is expected to keep growing to a 21.8% share of ecommerce retail sales, forcing businesses to restructure and implement new strategies to cope with a changing environment. Loadhog’s returnable packaging will modernise the supply chain and help businesses adapt towards the green shift.




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