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The North West's power network launches Energy Test

The North West could save in excess of £12.5 million in just seven weeks if households switched their electrical appliances off standby.

The North West's power network launches Energy Test

"The energy landscape is rapidly changing and the demand on power networks is dramatically increasing, so its vital we start to change our behaviour towards energy consumption."
Paul Bircham

That’s according to Electricity North West which is today, launching a campaign to get the region ‘switched on’ to energy usage.

Between now and Christmas, the North West’s power network operator is urging residents across the North West to think about the cost savings they could achieve by following a few, simple changes to how they use electricity at home.

To help, Electricity North West, the power network operator for the North West, has developed an ‘Energy Persona’ test which asks participants a series of multiple choice questions linked to their energy usage, to establish which character they are – an Energy Drain Jane, Energy Steady Eddie or Energy Busting Beth.

Upon completion, consumers will be able to download a guide specific to their persona, which will provide simple top tips to help them reduce their energy consumption and electricity bills.

Launching the energy test comes in response to Electricity North West’s recent research which found that 91 per cent of North West residents have no renewable technologies in their home. The YouGov research also revealed 38 per cent of the region’s respondents [who didn’t have any energy saving measures installed] stated nothing was currently preventing them from taking up energy saving measures.

Paul Bircham, Commercial Strategy and Support Director at Electricity North West, comments: “The energy landscape is rapidly changing and the demand on power networks is dramatically increasing so it’s vital we start to change our behaviour towards energy consumption. Making small changes to our energy use as well as embracing renewable energy will reduce the need for costly new infrastructure and ensure future capacity and affordability.   

“The stats are really shocking, and highlight just how significant the small changes we make could be, particularly as we move towards winter and energy consumption rises.

“Our quick and easy energy test has been designed to get people really thinking about how they use energy. Whichever persona they are revealed to be, we’re offering simple tips to help them become more energy savvy.”

With the Government recently announcing its Clean Growth Strategy, which aims to ensure an affordable energy supply for businesses and consumers, it has been put firmly at the heart of the UK’s Industrial Strategy.

“The way we use electricity is changing, with consumers playing a much bigger role in how they both use and generate power for their homes and businesses.  As a power network operator, it’s essential that we work with community energy providers and the British public to work together to ensure everyone has the power they need, when they want it, while becoming savvier when it comes to saving on bills,” adds Paul, Electricity North West.

Maria Wardrobe, Director of Communications at National Energy Action (NEA), says: “As a nation we really need to start switching our mindset to how we consume energy.  There is a wealth of guidance and information now for consumers looking to make even the smallest change to their energy usage.  Turning consumers on to energy efficiency is key to tackling the adoption of renewables.”

Rebecca Long Bailey MP for Salford and Eccles, and Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, concludes: “Christmas is fast approaching and many people will be facing the tough decision of whether they can heat their home, or feed themselves and their family. I welcome Electricity North West’s initiative to try and get people thinking about how they use their electricity and help them reduce their electricity usage. The ‘Energy Persona test’ is great initiative as any advice or support people can get to help them save money on their energy costs is very welcome.”


Participants will be entered into a draw to win an energy efficient TV and tablet.

To complete the energy test, visit https://enwl-energysurvey.co.uk/


[1] Based on Energy Saving Trust’s calculations that households could save an average of £30 per year if they switched their appliances off standby