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How to light your retail space

From a boutique selling lavish silk dresses to a retail park furniture showroom, the right lighting is essential to any stores success.

How to light your retail space

"Lighting is an invaluable tool for asserting your brands identity."
Greenlite Group

How to light your retail space

From a boutique selling lavish silk dresses to a retail park furniture showroom, the right lighting is essential to any store’s success. With good lighting, products sing out and consumers enjoy their experience, before they leave, satisfied by a successful shop. With poor lighting, the months of hard work put into a product can go to waste. Put simply, well-lit products sell more.

But it’s important to remember there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Lighting needs vary, depending on the brand, product and the store itself. The requirements of a designer boutique will differ from an interiors outlet, or a mainstream fashion store.

Consider your audience

Do you want bright, functional lighting that enables your customers to quickly navigate your store, or do you want to foster a cosy, home-from-home atmosphere that encourages them to linger? A furniture or bed showroom will benefit from warm lighting, which makes a space feel more intimate and welcoming, helping what is an emotional decision. Customers will want to take their time assessing which bed will help them sleep soundly, or which dining table will host the happiest family celebrations. Boost the ambience by using lamps to illuminate displays – one shop in the USA even invested in lights that automatically dimmed when shoppers lay on a bed.

Set the tone

Lighting is an invaluable tool for asserting your brand’s identity. Designer boutiques can enjoy playing with layers of lighting, to highlight not only the carefully curated products, but also luxe architectural details, such as elaborate plasterwork or grand windows. The aim is to fully immerse the moneyed shopper in an environment that oozes style.

Get the wow factor

Smaller, high street shops can ensure their brand packs a punch by investing in feature lights, such giant carnival letters, or LED, neon-style tube lighting in fizzing colours. Directional lighting, such as tiny yet powerful spotlights, can then be used to highlight products. Underpin the scheme with a practical, base layer of evenly diffused ambient light, using LEDs.

Embrace lofty ceilings

Poorly lit, a cavernous retail unit can seem stark and cold. Make a feature of high ceilings by illuminating the shop with LED downlights, then adding a scattering of statement pendants. They’ll soften the space and add a sense of drama.

Don’t forget footfall

On the high street, potential customers still stroll past the shops after closing, which means your window display needs to work hard. To grab attention, use a dynamic lighting scheme, which changes in brightness and intensity in a preset order. In contrast, many retail parks have little traffic after hours, so money can be saved by automated systems that turn off displays entirely.

Be energy aware

Stores based on retail parks have far higher energy usage, due to their size. To create a well-lit environment while keeping bills as low as possible, consider swapping to LED lighting.

Height matters

Retail park sites often have elevated ceilings, which mean repairs are considerably more complicated and costly than just hopping up a ladder. LEDs offer a reliable, future proof solution – bulbs last up to 50 times longer than incandescent alternatives, and many fittings come with a guarantee lasting several years.

For more information on how lighting maintenance and retail specialist Greenlite Group can help shine a light on your business, call 0844 880 2116.