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Aesthetically You Brings New SHR Hair Removal Technology to Liverpool

Aesthetically You Brings New SHR Hair Removal Technology to Liverpool


 Go Hair-Free for Good This Summer with Aesthetically You

Have you been making the most of the summer? As soon as the sun shows up, the first thing that us girls want to do is get our bikinis on and our legs out – which means making sure we are always beach body ready!

With the arrival of new and affordable cosmetic technology, it’s easy to see why we are all a little bit tired of shaving and painful waxes - and what better way to ensure you are looking fabulous all season than having a revolutionary new SHR Hair Removal treatment?

SHR is the miracle treatment that all the celebrities have had this summer in order to save essential beauty maintenance time. Gone are the days of time-consuming shaving. Completely removing hair and leaving smooth, soft skin, SHR hair removal is the definitive beauty craze of the season, and you can now book your treatment at renowned cosmetics clinic, Aesthetically You.

But what exactly is SHR? Super Hair Removal is a new technology that works by gradually heating the skin to a temperature sufficient to damage the hair follicles and inhibit re-growth, while the surrounding skin remains undamaged. The gradual heat build-up offers a highly effective treatment, while the laser applicator actively cools the skin throughout. This unique technique makes the treatment virtually painless. 

As we all know, waxing and shaving can be both painful and irritating to the skin in the area, causing shaving rashes and in-growing hairs through these traditional hair removal methods. SHR is a fantastic alternative to these common problems!

 The light emitted from the laser during SHR is not only effective at destroying the hair in the follicle, but is also linked to the stimulation of collagen. This means it can improve the quality of the skin, eliminating irritation and improving the skin's appearance. Waxing and shaving regularly can become very costly over time and will not inhibit regrowth of the hair, which is why many people are turning to laser hair removal for a more permanent, less painful option. 

So, how many sessions will you need before you see the hair disappear for good? The good news is that many clients will see a huge improvement right from their first treatment! On average, clients will usually require 6 treatments to achieve optimal hair reduction, though this can differ depending on the client's hair, skin and the area treated. 

With rising demand for this treatment, the most popular body areas for SHR laser treatments are the bikini line, underarms and legs. Stubborn facial hair on the lip and chin area are very popular areas, with male clients also enjoying the benefits of SHR on upper back and chest areas. 

After a course of treatments, the results will last indefinitely with maintenance sessions needed as little as a couple of times per year. 

Aesthetically You are one of the first clinics in the North West to offer this innovative treatment, and they’ve recently seen celebrities from Hollyoaks, as well as many high-profile wives and girlfriends from local football teams opting for SHR Hair Removal treatments. Find out more about getting SHR in Liverpool now at www.aestheticallyyou.co.uk!

Prices start from as little as £45 per session , with extra discounts given when booking courses of treatment. 

Aesthetically You clinic is located at 25 Rodney Street, Liverpool L1 9EH

For appointments, call 0151 709 0011 or email info@aestheticallyyou.co.uk