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Ovenu Chester owner celebrates more than 800 five-star reviews

Ovenu Chester owner celebrates more than 800 five-star reviews

"No reviews were below the maximum five stars so its great to know the business is held in such high regard and that Im delivering a high-quality service"
Andrew Heaton

The owner of oven valeting company Ovenu Chester is celebrating after achieving maximum rated online reviews.

Andrew Heaton, who has been an Ovenu technician since 2005, is one of 85 Ovenu franchisees across the country who together achieved almost 24,000 of the highest five-star ratings.

Entering his 14th year in business, Andrew – who has earned 805 of the outstanding reviews – was recently recognised for his long-service as an Ovenu franchisee.

Such overwhelmingly positive reviews are crucial when it comes to giving customers the confidence to select a home-based service, according to a mini poll conducted by the company.

It found that 67% of respondents are influenced by positive online reviews when choosing to deal with a business.

Andrew said: “It is gratifying to know my customers have taken the time and trouble to give Ovenu Chester the highest possible rating.

“No reviews fell below the maximum five stars so it’s great to know the business is held in such high regard and that I’m delivering a high-quality service which is appreciated and trusted by my customers.”

Franchisees of Ovenu, the leading domestic oven cleaning and valeting specialist, which are based throughout the UK, attracted a total of 23,926 five-star ratings on review platform TRUSTist.

Rik Hellewell, Managing Director of Ovenu, said: “The maximum rating is a tribute to Andrew’s hard work and dedication. After all, they do say the customer is always right!

“Many people are increasingly turning to online reviews when it comes to choosing services, so its tremendous to achieve the highest quality feedback possible.”

However, the poll also found that 59% of people still value and trust a personal recommendation more highly than online praise.

Andrew added: “It’s important to receive positive feedback through reviews but many of my customers also get in touch through a personal recommendation – so it’s nice to be recognised both online and via traditional word of mouth.”

The research, based on a sample of almost 1,350 people, was derived from mini polls conducted on behalf of Ovenu by independent market research company DRG.

It found that 46% of respondents said overwhelmingly positive reviews meant they would be more willing to pay extra for a product or service.

Meanwhile, 57% said they would require more than 85% positive reviews to have full confidence in a business, whilst just 8% of respondents said they would still part with their cash even if half the reviews were negative.