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Frolicking Flash finds favour with Ovenu Warrington

Frolicking Flash finds favour with Ovenu Warrington

"Flash had such a compelling story that once we got to know him, we fell in love with him and just had to make him part of our family."
Paul Clark

The owner of oven valeting business Ovenu Warrington has adopted a frolicsome greyhound forced out of the sport due to his playful nature.

Paul Clark and his wife Andrea – who have renamed him Flash – decided to provide the hapless hound with a caring home after learning of his unlucky past.

The three-year-old was born in Ireland and brought over to England to race but, despite showing early promise, won just one of his seven races.

During his final race at Nottingham, Flash was disqualified since he preferred playing to running. As a result, he was retired and rehomed with a family.

However, through no fault of his own, Flash was unable to remain with them and ended up with independent charity Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust.

Whilst at the kennels, he contributed to saving the lives of fellow canines by becoming a doggy blood donor, and Flash still sports the ‘lifesaver’ red bandana he was given as a result.

Paul and Andrea learnt of his plight and initially offered to take care of all his vet and food bills for the remainder of his life, but he quickly captured their affections and the couple formally adopted him.

Paul said: “Flash had such a compelling story that once we got to know him, we fell in love with him and just had to make him part of our family.

“He is a sweet-natured dog and the fact that he was disqualified from a race because he preferred to play just goes to prove he has great character.

“Some people have asked if we named him after the well-known cleaning product, given I run an oven valeting business.

“As I only use Ovenu’s eco-friendly and non-caustic range of highly effective cleaning products, the truth is that I called him Flash simply because, despite his spirited nature, he remains very fast indeed!

“It’s a privilege to provide Flash with a caring home and secure future. They are lovely creatures and make excellent pets.”

Ovenu Warrington offers home or business owners a complete oven valeting service that involves dismantling the key components of an oven, such as the door, interior panels, fan and shelves.

The cleaning process takes between two and three hours and leaves the oven, hob and exterior in immaculate condition.

For more information or to book a professional Ovenu valet, contact Paul Clark on 01925 453377 or email warrington@ovenu.co.uk