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Are Regional Trends Shaping Your Engagement Ring Choices?

When it comes to engagement rings, we are presented with a plethora of different clarities and cuts to choose from. Finding the ideal ring that suits your partner's jewellery tastes is not an easy task.

Are Regional Trends Shaping Your Engagement Ring Choices?

"For those that are thinking of popping the all-important question to their partner, the ring caret and cut will mainly be determined by what your budget is. "

When it comes to engagement rings, we are presented with a plethora of different clarities and cuts to choose from. Finding the ideal ring that suits your partner's jewellery tastes is not an easy task. However, perhaps the region you are based in will help give you an indication as to what their preferred choice would be. After collecting data based on the most common types of engagement rings purchased across different regions in the UK, we can see what engagement rings are trending in the industry at the moment and which are persistent favourites.

For those that are thinking of popping the all-important question to their partner, the ring caret and cut will mainly be determined by what your budget is. But another factor that could affect your engagement ring decision is the local trend. From emerald cut to halo-shaped, we reveal who is wearing what style ring in your region of the UK.


Based on recent Google search volume data, it appears that couples in London opt for a classic ‘diamond engagement ring’, with this term increasing in searches from 3,600 in September 2019 to 4,400 in August 2020. Dating as far back as 1477, it’s thought the Archduke of Maximillian proposed with the very first diamond ring that sparked a new trend across Europe. To this day, these rings continue to be a popular symbol of a proposal for many.

Taking a step away from the traditional side of things, ‘oval engagement ring’ has also shown to grow in popularity. In September 2019, this style of ring accounted for 1,900 searches. By August 2020, this had risen to 2,400. Renowned for being one of the most popular variants of a diamond engagement ring, oval cuts involve a total of 58 glistening facets that combine to make for a stunning proposal gift.


According to search volume data, people in Scotland are favouring an angelic twist to their engagement rings recently. ‘Halo engagement ring’ has increased in searches from 480 in September 2019 to 720 in August 2020. Typically crafted to have a collection of micro-pavé diamonds surround a central gemstone, these elegant rings are perfect for those that have a love for striking jewellery pieces.

Other than halo-inspired, data finds that Scotland has also taken a fancy to ‘emerald cut engagement ring’ as well, with searches for these increasing from 320 in September 2019 to 590 in August 2020. Similar to the highly demanded oval-shaped rings, emerald cuts embed a stunning collection of 58 facets crafted into a sharp rectangular structure.


The traditional ‘diamond engagement ring’ is a popular choice for those in the Midlands region of the UK too. From September 2019, we have seen searches for these rings increase from 1,600 to 2,400 in August 2020. Ever since the launch of De Beers classic slogan ‘a diamond is forever’ back in 1947, the purity and durability of diamond was thought to reflect a couple's commitment towards an everlasting future together.

On the other hand, it appears that many choose to embrace a sense of modernity with their engagement ring choices and favour a ‘princess cut engagement ring’ to propose with. So much so that July 2020 searches spiked at 880, exceeding the average monthly total of 720.

North East

For those in the North East, data reveals that the region shares a mutual adoration for a ‘vintage engagement ring’. With an average monthly search volume of 480 between September 2019 and August 2020, searches for these rings exceeded this in July gaining a total of 590 in the month. Dating back to the Victorian era, the demand for clustered shaped and yellow or rose gold coloured engagement rings appears to be emerging once again.

Other than these, it’s found the North East have a shared liking for engagement rings that strive in simplicity and sophistication. Searches for ‘solitaire engagement ring’ have increased from 140 searches in September 2019 to 210 searches in August 2020. Renowned for being one of the most popular rings to propose with across the world, the word ‘solitaire’ refers to the singular diamond stone centrepiece.

North West

Similarly to Scotland, the North West of England is embracing the trend of a ‘halo engagement ring’ piece to propose to their partner with. Searches for these rings have increased from 880 in September 2019 to 1,000 in August 2020.

As for an engagement ring style that appears to be emerging across the region lately, searches for ‘marquise engagement ring’ have increased too. In March 2020, these accounted for just 140 searches. By July 2020, this had more than doubled to 320 monthly searches. This classic and whimsical shape was originally designed to be specifically for the diamond. Since then, it has been the catalyst behind sapphire, emerald, and many other diamond formations.


Yorkshire is embracing a sense of traditionality in their engagement rings. Data show the region has an admiration for ‘vintage engagement ring’ pieces. After experiencing a decline in search volumes in April 2020, down from 1,000 searches two months prior to 720, the region has fallen back in love with these diligently crafted rings. Searches rose to 1,300 in August 2020. For those that envision their proposal gift to include intricate and lacy designs, the Edwardian era boasts inspiration for this.

The three stone engagement ring style is also rising in popularity in the Yorkshire area. These diligently crafted rings gradually increased in popularity from 110 searches in September 2019 to 170 in August 2020.


A region of the UK that admires the beauty of rectangular cut facets is Wales. Searches for an ‘emerald cut engagement ring’ has more than tripled in popularity from just 90 searches in October 2019 to 320 August 2020.

Search volumes also suggest that Wales share the same adoration for a ‘princess cut engagement ring’ as the Midlands does. Data finds that searches for these charming rings have increased from 170 searches in October 2019 to 260 in August 2020. Featuring a square-shaped cut with unique pointed corners, princess cut rings are both chic and classical.


Now that we know which region is wearing what, perhaps this helped lead you in the right direction as to what style would suit your partner’s taste best. Whether you prefer to keep thing traditional with a sparkling white diamond centrepiece, or embrace a sense of modernity and ponder over the array of marquise diamond rings that are crafted, there an abundance of engagement rings for you to choose between.










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