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Store's golden ticket winner left 'floored'

A man received £1,000 worth of flooring to mark the opening of a new independent flooring store in Birmingham

Store's golden ticket winner left 'floored'

" We have never previously run a promotion like this before, but it has undoubtedly contributed to the success of the store."
Rhoda Bowering

A Birmingham man enjoyed a ‘golden’ moment when he popped into a newly opened flooring store in the city.

Gez Young decided to visit the Flooring Superstore in Erdington during his lunch break to have a look at its range of artificial grass.

He was handed an envelope as part of a ‘Golden Ticket’ promotion the store has been running since it opened in spring 2019, but he didn’t immediately realise he had won something rather special - £1,000 worth of flooring!

Gez, 53, explains: “I wanted some artificial grass for my garden, so I went into the store to have a look at the different ranges and to speak to staff about prices.

“I had to be quick because I was on my lunch hour so as I was leaving, I was invited to take one of the envelopes on the counter.

“I opened it when I got back to my car and I saw something golden inside but I didn’t have my glasses with me so I couldn’t read what it said on the card.

“So, I went back into the shop to ask and they told me I had won the top prize; it was an amazing feeling.”

Gez recently had the grass delivered and installed in the garden of his home in Kingsbury, near Birmingham.

He added: “Getting the golden ticket meant I could afford to choose an even higher quality grass than the one my original budget allowed.

“It looks fantastic in the garden and the best thing is I haven’t needed to spend a penny on it.”

Since opening in March, footfall at the £150,000, 5,000-square foot store has been the highest of all Flooring Superstores across the UK, with sales up 22% on the original forecast.

Rhoda Bowering, Manager of the Erdington Flooring Superstore, said: “We have never previously run a promotion like this before, but it has undoubtedly contributed to the success of the store.

“We would like to congratulate Gez on finding the golden ticket and are pleased to have been able to supply him with £1,000 worth of artificial grass for his garden.

“It was great visiting his home to see the amazing job he had done laying the grass himself.”

The Erdington store, which created three new jobs for local people, is owned by family-run business Connection Flooring. The company has 15 stores across the UK providing 10,000 floor covering products offered by three brands – Flooring Superstore, Direct Wood Flooring and Grass Direct.