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LivePerson launches AI-powered intent detection tool, LiveIntent

New solution instantly surfaces and measures customer intents, empowering brands to optimise operations and automations for improved customer experiences

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LivePerson launches AI-powered intent detection tool, LiveIntent

"The faster you understand what your customers want from your brand, the faster you can meet their needs"
Joe Bradley, chief scientist at LivePerson

LivePerson, Inc. (Nasdaq: LPSN), a global leader in conversational commerce, today announced the launch of LiveIntent to help brands detect, analyse, and resolve customer intents in real time.

This latest evolution of LivePerson’s suite of Conversational AI services surfaces and measures intents — what customers want — instantly in brand-to-consumer conversations over SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, RCS, Apple Business Chat, and other popular messaging channels. Powered by Natural Language Understanding, LiveIntent analyses conversations with bot and human agents as they happen, providing brands with unparalleled real-time insight into their customers’ intents.

LiveIntent is part of the industry-leading LiveEngage® platform for conversational commerce, which places messaging at the centre of the customer experience and replaces costly voice calls. Through LiveIntent, brands can:

  • Identify and define a specific set of relevant intents to easily categorise the multitude of ways customers ask for what they want.
  • Analyse bot and human agent conversations by intent in a real-time dashboard, with both topline insights and the ability to drill down into full conversation histories.
  • Identify which intents to automate with LivePerson’s bot-building platform, Conversation Builder™.
  • Detect intents that are being incorrectly routed and enact new routing policies in concert with LivePerson’s Maven™ AI-powered routing solution.

“The faster you understand what your customers want from your brand, the faster you can meet their needs,” said Joe Bradley, chief scientist at LivePerson. “This is not just another text analytics suite. LiveIntent is integrated into our conversational platform to allow you to take action immediately.”

LiveIntent’s advanced capabilities allow brands to optimise their operations on an intent-by-intent basis, including:

  • Agent managers can spot intents that have low customer satisfaction and train agents on improved operating procedures.
  • Bot builders can prioritise building automations that solve the most impactful points of customer interaction.
  • Contact centre analysts can quickly recognise emerging issues from spikes in consumer messages and proactively deploy technicians to address them.

LivePerson offers a complete suite of conversational commerce services for enterprises, deployed at some of the world's largest brands. Compared with traditional phone calls, messaging conversations increase customer satisfaction by 20%, double agent efficiency, and cut labor cost per interaction in half.

Brands can enable LiveIntent via self-service, fast-start development kits (for financial services, e-commerce, and telco brands), or custom implementation. To start understanding and analysing your customers’ needs, visit LivePerson.com/LiveIntent.