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That Works For Me Revolutionising the 9-5

New flexible working platform answers demand for flexible working opportunities

That Works For Me Revolutionising the 9-5

"Finding flexible work at my level, in my industry, was an impossible task - when I fell pregnant for the second time, I made the decision to leave that world behind."
Jessica Heagren, CEO and Founder

A new online flexible working platform, That Works for Me, launches today. Offering both freelance and permanent opportunities across the UK, That Works For Me aims to bring open minded businesses and professionals in need of flexible working opportunities together.

“We’ve been building our community over the last few months and we’ve already had over 2000 pre-registrations ahead of launching. This overwhelmingly quick take-up highlights the high demand amongst the working population to break away from the traditional 9-5,” says founder and CEO, Jessica Heagren.

The cost of childcare, an ageing population, workplace mental health awareness, employee empowerment and a need for a better work life balance have all played a part in the ever-growing demand for flexible working.

And alongside this, with high profile individuals campaigning for a fairer working world, such as Anna Whitehouse's #FlexAppeal campaign, 2019 has seen a momentous shift in working demands.

Heagren added: “The working world can be incredibly frustrating for those seeking flexible working opportunities that fit around their families, passions and needs without having to compromise pay rates and responsibility levels. I struggled to make my senior job work around being a mum. Finding flexible work at my level, in my industry, was an impossible task - when I fell pregnant for the second time, I made the decision to leave that world behind.”  

That Works For Me aims to stop hard-acquired skills going to waste and get experienced people back into work, on their own terms. The platform also offers additional benefits, including personalised coaching, training, accounting support and CV development, to ensure that users always feel supported. 

A former Director of insurance giant, DLG, the idea for That Works For Me came to Heagren following conversations at a baby group where she was surrounded by mums with senior roles in big companies who were also struggling to make their jobs work around their lives. She partnered with co-founders Nicola Good and Gemma Blake to launch the platform.

As well as helping those looking to re-enter the business world, That Works For Me caters for those exploring freelance opportunities, with an effective and easy-to-use end-to-end working experience from quotations through to invoicing and payment.

That Works For Me also works with companies and recruiters to give them direct access to their users - a vast and untapped pool of resources overflowing with skills and experience, without the expense of full-time commitment.  

Co-Founder, Good, commented: “The platform is available to businesses of all sizes – as long as they make flexible working work for both parties. We are particularly excited by the thought of younger companies growing and thriving with flexible working at their cores. With that in mind, our pricing model is fair and proportionate - not based on commission but instead a flat rate subscription model determined by the business size. We want to make recruitment affordable for smaller businesses, which is why our Start Up package is free.” 

She continued: “There is a huge opportunity to bring together two obvious but struggling groups – businesses needing varying levels of resource, and people in need of flexible work. That Works For Me will deliver that connection.” 

Users choose their preference when they register: looking for work, looking for help or recruiting for others, and select their free or affordable package. There's one single management area for all projects and roles from which customers can view, sort, message, appoint and bill. 

That Works For Me aims to reach 5,000 users, with roles from 500 companies within 12 months.