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Why use a Recruitment Consultant?

Why use a Recruitment Consultant?


In the past trade publications and newspapers led the way to a company filling its recruitment needs. Over the last five to ten years the internet has become the most powerful medium for advertising and recruitment agencies have followed suit and become interactive as well.

When a job seeker registers with a recruitment agency via its online presence, the agency markets the job seeker pro-actively to employers in the desired employment and gepgraphical sector. This pro-active approach reduces the time taken for the job seeker to find suitable employment. (Howard James Recruitment average registered candidate livespan is as little as two weeks before a suitable employment opportunity has been identified, interviewed and accepted).

This pro-active approach can make the difference between finding an employee or a super star.

Choosing the right recruitment agency for your business

There are three types of recruitment agency, "High Street Agency" "Independant Agency" "Specialist Agency"

High Street Agency

These agencies tend to be large national or international recruitment agencies that provide excellent training for new recruiters. These agencies provide generalist recruitment services. If your role is not too unique or specialist then this is often the best starting point as they often offer a cost effective recruitment option.

For specifically challenging roles a high street agency may turn away business as it could be too far outside of its core business and they would feel vulnerable in sourcing a candidate profile they normally attract.

Independant Agency

These agencies operate in the same was as the "High Street Agency" above and are usually independent recruitment business's. with up to 5 branches. Independant recruitment agencies are more flexible than the High Street Agency and will recruit across a number of market sectors successfully. When dealing with an Independant Recruitment Agency always ask the recruiter which feilds they operate in.

Specialist Agency

Specialist Agencies operate in one specific market sector and all recruiters within the business will have specific knowledge and expertise in the market sector. Working with a specialist agency can reduce delivery times and attract high calibre candidates in that specific field.

Why build a relationship with your recruitment agency?

Recruitment Agencies seek to build a strong bond with their clients, which in turn enables the recruitment agency to be the most effective on the clients behalf. When a recruitment agency understands your business, it relays the true benefits of joining your company to the job seeker, whilst filtering out unsuitable candidates, freeing up your time to interview the most suitable applicants.

Negotiation of starting package

This is a time where it is important for positives to come through from both sides. Your recruitment agency knows what your prospective employee is looking for in a package in an ideal world and what reaisticaly the candidate will accept. Your recruitment agency will advise you to ensure when the offer is made it is one that that wil be favourable to to candidate.

This assistance from the recruitment agency should ensure that the offer stage is not protracted and both parties come to an agreement very quickly.

Benefits of using a Recruitment Agency

Time Saved: The recruitment agency saves you time by removing the initial steps of the recruitment process. With the significant increase in job seekers responding to a job openings, you will receive hundreds of applications every position. A large percentage of these applications will not be qualified or will simply not be right for the job. The recruitment agency will sort the response identifying and submitting only the highest calibre candidates for interview thus saving you time.

Access to the best Candidates: In addition to sorting through and responding to all applications, a recruitment agency will also have access to a large talent pool (its database of applicants), which may include talent employed for a competitor company. The recruitment agency can work discreetly with these individuals and may be able to provide you with suitably qualified candidates to interview on the same day you register the vacancy.

The screening process: The recruitment agency will agree a screening process with you before it commences work on your vacancy. Should you need to run background checks on protential employees, follow up references or conduct a screening interview to ensure the candidate matches your requirements. Your chosen recruitment agency will ensure that these steps are taken care of before you meet the candidate. You will be safe in the knowledge that anyone you meet has passed the screening process.

Peace of mind: Your recruitment agency will have a proven track record of sourcing candidates in your market sector. When you meet with the final shortlist of candidate, you will be more confident that the candidates will be able to do the job and therefore with your final hiring decision. Working with a recruiting agency will help make your decision feel more assured.

Relationship: As your relationship with your chosen recruitment agency grows, so will your trust in the agency, your future recruitment drives will go even more smoothly and the recruitment agency will be aware of candidate experience and candidate qualities that make up the right fit for your company.

For more information on Howard James Recruitment, please contact Howard Forster on 0844 504 0223