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The £5.5 Billion World-Class Regeneration of Liverpool Waters

The £5 billion regeneration of Liverpool Waters is set to transform the city's northern docks. The project will reshape around 2-million square metres of land, producing world-class and high-quality developments along with a new waterfront quarter in central Liverpool.

The £5.5 Billion World-Class Regeneration of Liverpool Waters

"It's exciting to see so many projects progressing at Princes Dock, Liverpool Waters."

These bold plans have already started to come to life in recent years, with property residential and business buildings being constructed on the waterfront. Goals of the regeneration aim to hone in on infrastructure and transport within the next 30 years, giving new light to leisure and business on the city's dock. However, what does this mean for those wanting to invest, live and work on the new regeneration site? While there are many benefits and exciting prospects for the reshaping of Liverpool Waters, what are the key points we should look out for and how will this change this ever-expanding city, forever?

The scheme is the city's single largest regeneration ever, and since being launched in 2007 by Peel and approved in 2012, the site has come along way. The masterplan is changing all the time. Initially, the plans were to build a large tower building similar to the Shanghai Tower on the Princes Dock, but this has now changed. Developing on this stunning location will significantly increase the culture and business that Liverpool has to offer. From a new football stadium to hundreds of apartments and bars, the Liverpool Waters complex will be known all over the world.

Investment Opportunities are Rising

During these early stages, it is worth taking a look at buy to let properties within the development of Liverpool Waters. Investment and construction companies are currently offering buildings in the area before any more significant changes take place. This means investors are likely to find great investment opportunities before the cost of properties within the area skyrocket. RW Invest offers developments around the city centre, including one adjacent to the new £5 billion regeneration zone. The City Residence apartments are a favourite amongst those searching Liverpool for high rental yields and leading UK developers. In addition to this, there are many other high-quality developments currently being constructed, which will form prime investment opportunities soon. The area is predicted to be popular with young professionals who are looking to rent their city centre properties. This also means the demand for buy to let property will be endless as the regeneration area continues to grow.

New Beginnings for Liverpool

Ever since 2008, when Liverpool was named Capital of Culture, it has been recognised as a top location for both working and living. The economy is fuelled by retail, knowledge hubs, and even universities. Plus, the office space in Liverpool means it’s more than just a place to stay for a year or two. The best part about the regeneration of the Liverpool Waters is the significant change it will have on the once derelict site. Despite the Bramley Moore Dock being a World Heritage Site, the new Everton stadium is set to bring about millions of pounds to the area and bring about historical aspects of the location. It's proposed that the new Blues stadium will breathe new life into a historic part of the city and allow people to come back and discover places they might not have before.

Cruise Liner Terminal Addition

One of the key projects at Liverpool Waters is the new Cruise Liner terminal with an accessible Isle of man ferry terminal. The liner has been apart of the development masterplan since the early days, but the location has since moved. In June of 2019, Liverpool council launched an international search for a designer to potentially design a new cruise terminal at the former Princes Jetty. The ferry and cruise terminal are a huge part of the regeneration as it will bring countless more tourists and visitors to Liverpool every year.

The exciting prospect of both an extended city centre, major property developments and accessible transport will mean that Liverpool’s economy can only grow. It’s a long journey that Liverpool is on, but the outcome will be more than worth it.



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