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Top home improvement shows for DIY inspiration

Top home improvement shows for DIY inspiration

"Nick Knowles is an absolute TV favourite when it comes to DIY television."
David Laing

As a nation, Brits whole-heartedly love television. Each week we watch an average of 27 hours of television; that equates to approximately 10 years of our life sat in front of the box. Crazy, isn’t it? But, while the likes of cooking programmes and reality television have us gripped from time to time, we’ve long had a love of home improvement shows. And boy, we’ve had our fair share of corkers!

DAL Windows, who offer double glazing in Newcastle, have helped us put together a list of TV DIY classics that are sure to provide you the best inspiration for your home.


Nick Knowles is an absolute TV favourite when it comes to DIY television. His team, with the help of some local superstars, are seen to make home improvements to those who need them most – literally answering the SOS call of members of the public. Whether it’s to help someone with a disability to have a better quality of life or rectifying home improvement mishaps, Knowles and the team provide the feel-good factor for the small screen.

Grand Designs

The ingenuity of the public is on hand as Kevin McCloud reveals unique projects. The works of art can wow even the hardest to please. A glass home perched on the top of a Welsh cliff and a domed house built into a hillside are just two examples of these, well, grand designs on offer.

Ground Force

Alan Titchmarsh and Charlie Dimmock graced our screens between 1997 and 2005. The gardeners first burst onto the BBC screens in September ’97 and quickly got to grips with providing the British public with garden spaces to be proud of. With decking and water features galore, greenery across the nation was transformed in front of our eyes. Its worth a watch for some niche inspiration that may not be covered in more recent shows.

Changing Rooms

Who can forget the dream team of Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and Carol Smillie from the mid-nineties ‘til early noughties? With the concept of the show allowing neighbours to switch keys and transform a room in each other’s property under a budget and time constraint, the BBC series proved extremely popular during its lifespan. Whether you watched it to pick up DIY tips, boost your imagination, or just to cynically watch as certain neighbours didn’t like their new room, it was prime time TV at its finest for many years.

60 Minute Makeover

If you’re looking for DIY projects that can be done quickly then this is your show. These 60 minutes of entertainment follows a team of designers as they try to give a home a makeover in literally an hour. Originally at home on ITV, Claire Sweeney, Terri Dwyer and Catherine Gee all took the reins previously, while Peter Andre is now steering the ship. The experience is unbeknownst to the lucky recipient and the team are on hand, alongside a crowd of onlookers, to capture their reaction. Bravo, team! Bravo!



George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces

One for those looking to make a unique space a home. The Sunderland native trained as an architect after leaving school and has been a staple feature on our TV since his appearances on Dream Home Abroad in 2004. His Amazing Spaces series has followed the presenter as he delves into the world of small builds. Cameras have captured amazing transformations, including floating homes, a jet plane-turned-classroom, a luxury treehouse and a hobbit house in New Zealand. 

The list could be endless, with several shows surely feeling aggrieved not to have made our final pick. However, if you are looking for inspiration that will set you home apart from the rest then why not consider tuning into past greats as well as modern classics!