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Locating luck These are the luckiest areas in the country

New report has scanned every town, village and city in the UK to find the luckiest area based on the people who live there

Locating luck These are the luckiest areas in the country

"Earlsfield found to be the luckiest area of the UK "
Grosvenor Casinos

A new report from Grosvenor Casino has revealed which areas of the UK consider themselves the ‘luckiest’ based on the people who live there.

With 2019 fast approaching, Grosvenor Casino have taken a look back over the past year to discover which areas of the UK have been the luckiest.

Many things are considered lucky in the western culture - the four-leaf clover, a horseshoe charm, the number seven and even a rabbit foot. Some people honour these traditions whilst others laugh in the face of superstition.

Using the power of social listening Grosvenor Casino have scoured Instagram, Twitter and Facebook in order to analyse how many people have found themselves in a lucky situation or feeling. Merging the masses of luck our country has raved about, this data has been categorised by location and then by population to determine which towns and cities around the UK are the ‘Luckiest’, whether it be luck of securing your dream job or healing from an operation, below are the cities which feel the luckiest of them all.

The top ten luckiest areas of the UK…

10. Acton

Acton is a relatively large area within the London Borough of Ealing, with a population of 53,689,000. Originally an ancient village, Acton today is the home of the foundations to Waitrose and the largest housing estate in west London. As it seems coming in 10th, this area is curiously bestowed with the chatter of luck.

9. Brighton

The vibrant and edgy Brighton comes in 9th in the UK with 280 people expressing their luck with the digital world. Currently Brighton’s population stands at approximately 139,001,000 citizens, a number which only makes the city even more charming with a frequent buzz of joy.

8. Woodford Green

Just next door to the county of Essex, Woodford Green is a suburb which gathers the population of 22,803,000 people, it is well known for its historical past of political persons, such as Winston Churchill and Sylvia Pankhurst. This town made it 8th for the language of luck, without any political persuasion.


Perhaps it’s the touch of royalty that makes this area such a lucky one to live in, the people of Windsor (population of 28,324,00) have certainly been vocalising how lucky they feel – as a result they have been voted 7th in the UK.


Bangor is the oldest city in Northwest Wales and is home to the second longest pier in Wales, Garth Pier. It is currently the home to 15,499,000 citizens; this area is oozing with character and apparently a good dosage of luck, never underestimate the power of the Celtic.

5. Newquay

A beautiful small seaside town in Cornwall with a population of 19,998,000. This quaint British holiday resort has fallen in at 5th and it’s probably not too much of a wonder when you have the impressive view of the sea every day.

4. Camden Town

The birthplace of London’s creative collective, Inhabiting Banksy’s mark, vintage vibes and quirky coffee shops and eateries, this London suburb has been voted 4th in England for its Luckiness, a proud moment for the 26,122,000 residents of this town.

3. Blackheath

Living it up large in Blackheath, this district of south London is well-known for being quite affluent, with quiet and tame surroundings this area was found to have 166 people who felt that luck has struck them, it would be hard not to when living in such a prestigious community.


With a bustling population of 16,500,000 citizens, this district offers a highly cosmopolitan high street filled with bakeries, cafes, restaurants and pubs. Harringay has won the spot at 2nd place as many raved about their luck yet the population remained smaller than most cities on our list.

1. Earlsfield

Expect the unexpected, this small little town in the Brough of Wandsworth, London has made it to Number 1 for the Luckiest Town in the UK and here’s why;

With a whopping 161 people stating how lucky they felt in this area, this crowd of residents must be enjoying life to its absolute fullest. With a population of     15,562 residents in Earlsfield, it’s inspiring to see how much these people appreciate their time on earth.