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Accumulate Capital reveals over a third of UK property investors are looking to sell properties in 2020

Property development firm Accumulate Capital's new research reveals investor sentiment towards the countrys buy-to-let market.

Accumulate Capital reveals over a third of UK property investors are looking to sell properties in 2020

"We are seeing a considerable number of investors now looking to alternative real estate investment options instead, such as development finance"
Paul Howells, CEO of Accumulate Capital

Over a third of UK property investors are looking to sell properties in 2020 due to higher taxes and greater regulation, new research by Accumulate Capital has revealed. 

The property development firm commissioned an independent survey of more than 750 UK property investors – all of whom own three or more residential properties – about their sentiment towards the country’s buy-to-let (BTL) market.
It found that 37% of UK property investors are planning on selling one or more of the residential properties they own in 2020. Of those planning to sell, 61% said this was in response to the greater regulation and higher taxes they now face as BTL investors.
A fifth (21%) said they will instead focus on alternative property investment opportunities, like debt investment and development finance.
Accumulate Capital’s study showed that 72% of property investors consider current taxes and regulations to be unfairly weighted against landlords.
Over three fifths (63%) said they are not considering new buy-to-let purchases as a result of reforms to the private rented sector (PRS) that will be introduced from 6th April 2020. These include mortgage interest tax relief reforms and changes to private residence relief.
The vast majority (69%) of those surveyed said the costs of managing their property portfolios had increased “considerably” over the last five years. Over half (54%) added that they are prepared to sell properties if further PRS regulation is introduced in the 2020 Budget, scheduled for 11th March.
Overall, 53% of property investors said they would not have purchased their properties in the first place if they had known how regulated the PRS was to become.
Paul Howells, CEO of Accumulate Capital, said: “Property investors are clearly frustrated by how much red tape there now is within the private rental sector and buy-to-let market. Yes, there is a need for regulatory measures to protect the interests of all parties involved in the property market, but as our research shows, some landlords feel the current system is unfairly weighted against them.
“What we might see as a result, is investors selling properties and downsizing their portfolios. Indeed, a considerable number of investors are now looking to alternative real estate investment options instead, such as development finance – these provide ways to access bricks and mortar investment opportunities without the complications or costs of actually purchasing the asset.”


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